Sara Fields-His Majesty

We have a new book from Sara Fields with His Majesty. And she uses one of my favorite words in this book, defenestration. Way back in the day, I defenstrated a lot of people on the old chat services. So it was fun to see that word actually being used in a book, because you just don’t see it often.

Anyway, here’s our story. We have Isabella. She’s an American living in Rome as an exchange student. On one of her last nights in town, she’s supposed to hit the town with all her girls, but they don’t show, so she hits the town on her own. At a bar, a suave gentleman comes up to her, hits on her, and eventually takes her home. Things don’t work so well for Isabella when that happens, and the next thing she knows, she wakes up in a bed in a room that is not her own.

Mateo is the King of Savoy, a tiny, hidden kingdom in the Italian Alps. He has a huge amount of power and wealth, and pretty much the world is at his feet. He gets what he wants, and right now, what he wants is Isabella, and since he has her in his bedroom, he’s going to have her. Even if he has to spank her and bend her over the windowsill so that everyone can see him fuck her. Or may especially if he has to spank her and hang her over the windowsill so that everyone can see him fuck her.

Mateo is high-handed, stubborn, determined, and only listens to himself, so pretty much everything that a king who rules way behind the scenes would be. He has to be that way, so it’s a good thing that he is, right? The thing is that I don’t dislike him. Yeah, he’s hard and he’s hard on the people around him, but it sounds like his world can be very cut-throat, so you kinda have to be hard. He’s soft when he can be, but only in private. He makes decisions when it comes to Isabella that you might think he wouldn’t make, but he does, and it makes sense why he does the things that he does.

At first, I kind of thought that Isabella was somewhat entitled, but my opinion changed pretty quickly on her. I think that what I saw was entitled was just lonliness in that particular moment. She’s worked hard and she wants her friends, and I can understand that. I give her a lot of props for her actions in a tight spot. I cheered for her a lot, because yes.

OK, no spoilers here today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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