Tabitha Black-Her Vampire Addiction

It’s Tabitha’s turn to join the world of the Midnight Doms with Her Vampire Addiction. As you may have guessed by Tabitha’s title, this is a vampire book with a kinkeriffic twist, you know, a Midnight kind of Dom. There are several books that go into this world, which is a spinoff from Lee Savino and Renee Rose’s shifter books. So, let’s talk about Tabby’s book, shall we?

We have Sabina, who has just broken up with a douchebag, and now she’s waiting in line to go into Club Toxic. Her ex told her to stay away from it, but she doesn’t have to listen to him, and she wants to go, so go she will. Plus, she heard that there might be a kink club in the basement, and as a masochist, she needs some playtime. So, as she’s standing there in line, just waiting and waiting and waiting, some guy invites her to go in with him. He introduces himself as Ethan, buys her a drink, and suddenly invites her to go downstairs with him. She does, and things start happening, things that she doesn’t want. She hollers for help, and lo, help appears.

Maximus is a 1600 year old vampire. He comes by his Roman name legitimately. He was a centurion in Rome back in the day. Now he works at Club Toxic as a DM and does what Lucius and Selene, the king and his queen, tell him to do. When he hears a woman screaming for help, he rushes over to the private booth and finds another vampire who has a woman trapped in the booth and appears to have her under his spell, literally. Maximus makes Ethan leave and leave her alone, and he takes over the care of Sabina.

Sabina is prickly, and she is very much independent. She wants to handle everything on her own, and she probably can manage to do it too, most of the time. She doesn’t want help, she just wants it to be done. I don’t blame her, and in fact, I can probably really relate to that. I, like her, had to really take care of my sibs, and I ended up not wanting to ask for any kind of help or easily take any help that is offered, so I totally get Sabina acting like that. I totally relate. I think that she could’ve bent a little on that because, well, reasons.

I like Maximus. I think that he is a very good man, for a vampire, lol. I think that he has a code of honor that he sticks with and it makes him happy. Or at least, sort of happy. Content-ish, at any rate. I think that he mostly thinks he’s happy, and probably he is, but he has really kind of cut part of himself out, which would make it really hard to be completely happy, I think.


I understand Sabina’s freakout.

OK, that’s all for today. GO check it out! Happy reading!

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