Myra Danvers-Renegade

So I went from no omegaverse books on the blog for a little while, to having 2 back to back. This time, we have Myra Danvers and Renegade. This book has quite a story to go along with it. It was originally put out under the name MD Pentacles, and I got to ARC it, and the sequels, last year. Well, Myra has finally come clean, so to speak because I’m pretty sure that Myra and clean don’t necessarily have much in common, and admitted that she and MD are one of the same. She pulled the original books and is now re-releasing them. They aren’t the same books as they were before. There is more plot and storyline behind them, but the bare bones are there. One of the original books was basically nothing but one long sex scene, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Myra handles that one.

We start with our omega. She is a member of a slave species and is used as nothing more than a breeder. At the moment, she’s the member of a harem belonging to a powerful man, who wants to fuck her until she’s pregnant and bearing him hybrids for his army. He has his mate who will give him legitimate sons to follow him, our nameless omega will just birth cannon fodder that will be taken away from her. As she’ss just about to go into heat, it’s time for her to go do her duty to her master again. The matron tells her to go, do what she needs to do to keep the man happy, and then come back and have a lovely cup of tea.

Well, things don’t work out quite the way that they were supposed to, the omega got sent back to the harem rooms early, and then her master’s wife appeared and killed the matron. The omega got dragged away and punished. The last thing that happens is that the omega manages to throw herself over the wall, planning on plunging to her death. It would be a really short book if that actually happened, wouldn’t it?

Let’s just call the omega Renegade, just so that she has some kind of name, shall we? I think that she’s really strong. She manages to not only survive the fall, but she also manages to survive in the wild, which would be something that most people wouldn’t have been able to do, let alone a nameless harem slave. That’s some true guts and strength right there. She’s also a little crazy, but really, can you blame her? I would be more than a little off too if I were in her place. But her crazy works well. It keeps her on her toes and helps her to survive. Not all crazy is bad.

There are others who are out in the wilds, and Renegade manages to stay away from them, which is smart. She is canny and tricksy, and manages to figure out a way to get what she wants. She also manages to figure out how to do those things without getting into more trouble than she wants.

I can’t wait for the next books. They are going to be good.


I am looking forward to certain beings showing up.

OK, go check it out! Happy reading!


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