Leann Ryans-Maid in Time

We have another story from Leann. This one is not an omegaverse book, and I am appreciating Leann’s continuing evolution as an author, and I’m looking forward to whatever she’s going to give us. This particular one is a Cinderella/Outlander kind of mashup, and it really works. So, let’s get on with Maid in Time.

We start in Regency England with Ivy and her evil family. Her parents are dead, and so she lives with her aunt and two cousins. As you can probably guess from me calling them evil, they aren’t very nice to her. Her Aunt Mary treats her like a servent, making her do all the work, and as Auntie Dearest fires off the other servents, Ivy has to pick up the slack, and her life is pretty fucking miserable. But Ivy has learned to deal with it. She doesn’t expect to find happiness. She has just kind of… Accepted her lot in life. She’s built up walls so that whatever is said to her just kind of sloughs off. It’s not a happy life, but it’s her life.

Then, one day, her family goes off to London so that they can go to a huge party that the new Prince Regent is throwing. Her family is going to be gone for two whole weeks, which is just totally awesome for Ivy. She’s going to be able to do some bigger chores and have some space to herself.

One day, during that time, she goes out to have lunch in the forest behind the house and gets caught in a storm and ends up someplace else, where she meets Dedrik.

I like Ivy. I also feel sorry for her. I think that she is a little brainwashed by her family, most probably because her aunt and cousins have been the only family she’s had for a long time, and she’s been made to feel responsible for them and to feel like she’s failing them if there is a problem. Like I said, her aunt is evil. So Ivy feels like she has to be with her family, no matter what, even if she knows that they will punish her.

Dedrik is a good man. He’s also a very determined man. I think that he has been alone for a very long time, but he’s come up with ways to handle things well on his own. I think that he will be really good for Ivy.

No spoilers today. Go check it out! Happy reading!





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