Amelia Smarts-Taming Tori

Have you been aching for a historical cowboy spanking story? If you have, I have the perfect solution for you. Amelia Smarts is back with hot cowboys and naughty seamstresses in Taming Tori.

Victoria is the town seamstress. At only 19, she is a successful businesswoman and takes great pride in her work. She’s also standoff-ish, snippy, and just a little too full of herself. She also seems to only think of herself and just basically ignores the rest of the world. That makes it sound like Victoria is a bad person, and she isn’t, she’s just really disconnected from the rest of the town, and she has very definite ideas about things. When a new guy walks into her shop, she helps him to find a shirt and to find out more about the stranger. Of course, being Victoria, she’s a little rude to him, but they manage to figure that out.

Frank was a cowboy, but after a bad accident on a bronco, he got really hurt. He spent several days unable to move from the waist down. Now he’s mostly better, but he has a bum leg which means he can’t be a cowboy anymore or do anything that requires a lot of physical effort, because his body just can’t handle it. So, he goes looking in the paper to find a job. Only, instead of just looking under the physical labor kind of jobs, he looks at all the jobs and finds that there is an opening for a teacher. He may not have all the training to be a teacher, but he loves to learn, and he’s pretty sure that he can do it. So, Frank sends in a letter asking for the job. And he got lucky, the town offered him the job, and he decides to go to the town seamstress and spruce up his wardrobe, where he meets Victoria.

I like Victoria. She is prickly, but there’s a lot of fear behind all that prickle. She’s had to spend a lot of time taking care of herself, because her parents are dead, and she likes things just so. None of these are a bad thing, but when you put all of them together, you get someone who is a little prickly, sometimes rude, and disconnected from the majority of the people around them. I think that she has a good heart, she’s just forgotten how to let anyone see it because she’s had to be tough for so long. I do like her, at least most of the time.

Frank is definitely a good man. He really does want to make sure that the whole world is OK, and he’ll do everything he can to make sure that happens, from making sure that a hungry little boy gets some lunch to spanking Victoria because she’s rude. I think that he’s mostly got the adulting thing down, but things happen and he gets knocked off his pins for a minute, which makes him look at himself differently. Overall, I like him, but I did get a little mad at him at times.


OMG, well. That had to be terrifying.

OK, that’s all on this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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