Lily White-Fraud

Fraud is the second book in Lily’s Antihero Inferno series. And antihero is definitely the right description for the guys in this book. I was really excited to see this book, because I liked Gabriel when we met him in the first book, and I still like him in this one. At least most of the time. He is an asshole, but could he be a member of Inferno if he wasn’t?

Ivy has just been told by Tanner that it’s time for her to pay up for the favor that Inferno did for her back in the day. They want info on her dad, the governor. But she doesn’t want to give them anything, because she loves her dad. But Tanner sics Gabe on her, and they have a long history. For many years they’ve pulled pranks and done tricks on each other. But now, with them wanting information on her dad, it’s more than just putting a shitload of chickens in Gabe’s house or filling his car with eggs. It’s more like going on a date with him, then tricking him, tying him up, writing a message on him, and dumping Gabe bare assed naked on Tanner’s front yard, and then running away. And she really did that. I don’t blame her at all. I would’ve totally run away after doing that. I might’ve stripped him and tied him up too, maybe.

Gabe, of course, isn’t going to take that laying down. He’s going to go and get her, because they still need to have the info that he has, no matter what. So, he does what Fraud does best, and lies. Not only does he lie, but he also ends up getting her disowned by father. Which means that she has to depend on him. Which means more tricks on both their parts.

Fraud is an appropriate name for Gabe, for sure. He is a very talented liar. I think that he is a little too talented sometimes, if you know what I mean. He manages to lie to himself, sometimes, I think, even if he doesn’t realize that he is doing it. I mean, do we ever know that we are lying to ourselves? It just goes so deep in him. He’s broken and hurt, like all of them are. I think Tanner may be the most functional of all the guys, but this is only the second book, so I’m not entirely sure yet. I can’t wait for the future books, because I’m really looking forward to not just the characters, but also the overall storyline.

Ivy is smart. So very, very smart. It both helps and hurts her. She’s also at least as good a game player as the guys are, just in a different way. Gabe and Ivy are always playing games with each other, and sometimes one of them is ahead of the other, and sometimes it’s the other way around. The thing is, she’s really willing to play the long game, and by long game, I mean like decades long long game. I look forward to seeing what she and Gabe manage to get up to together.


OMG, the ending. What happened there was everything.

OK< that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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