Nicolina Martin-I Am Eve

Before I get into I Am Eve, I want to do something I don’t regularly do. I’m going to give you a trigger warning. Mostly because this is a post-apocalyptic story that has the apocalypse being a virus. In our current situation, this may be a little real for some people. Now granted, Nicolina went a lot further than what’s going on outside our doors right now, but Covid-19 trauma is a real thing, and it’s something that we all are dealing with, so just be aware when you read this. It didn’t bother me, but I don’t want anyone to go into it blind. OK, now book.

It’s been months and months and months since the sickness went through. Eve’s family left her alone with her grandmother, and her grandmother has since died from the sickness. Now she’s left alone in her huge family home, all alone. She doesn’t go outside. She doesn’t interact with any humans except for her friend who brings her supplies, and even then, they don’t touch. When they talk, they are standing far apart, and they wear masks. Then Eve washes up, just in case. And this is the way that life is in the current time. Eve is also an artist, more precisely, a sculptor. Her basement is filled with her sculptures.

Then we have Adam. He is the leader of a gang. Well, maybe not strictly a gang, but he’s still the leader. They live in a power station and keep the power on. He has reasons that he wants to be the leader and be in a position of strength. He has a son and he wants to do everything he can to make sure his son is safe. So when one of his trucks disappears, along with a load of weapons, he has to figure out what is going on. He and one of his men go to find out what’s happening. They end up in a neighborhood in suburbia. Adam ends up getting left while his man follows the truck. He needs to find a way to keep an eye out, and he sees a house with a turret that would be perfect. Of course you know that it’s Eve’s house. He sees some asshole kids pestering her, and she has her door open, and he manages to sneak in.

I think that Eve is really kinda otherworldly. There’s just something about her that doesn’t quite seem like she belongs on this plane of existence. She seems to know things that you wouldn’t necessarily think that she should know. I really like that about her. I think that she is really strong, even though she’s been sheltered for a lot of her life. There’s just something in her that is just strong and powerful. I like her so much.

Adam is a very interesting man. I think that he is a lot better man than he wants to give himself credit for. I mean, he is handling a lot of shit, and yeah, he has to do some terrible things, but he still manages to be a good man. I like him too.

OK, no spoilers today. You have to read it, so go read it.


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