Lily White-Treachery

I think this is the first Lily White book I’ve read, but I am going to be all over the rest of this series beccause Treachery was just so good and so intense.

So, we start out in the past with Luca and her best friend and roommate Everly headed out to a big party hosted by these 9 guys at their university called the Inferno. These guys are rich, old rich, and their families are in control of a lot of the freaking world. Each of these 9 guys is named after one of the 9 rings of Hell. As you can guess, these guys aren’t all that nice. Everly is dragging her to this party because she’s dating one of the Inferno guys and wants Luca to be her wing woman. Only, when they get to the party and into the room, one of the guys kicks Luca out, and she runs out to wait for the guy she’s been seeing. The following weekend, Everly, Luca, and the jerk she’s seeing all go to the huge party the Infernos are having, and she ends up having an up close and personal encounter with Tanner, AKA Treachery, and it’s not a good one. Things get even worse when Luca gets forced into Tanner’s space.

I had such a hard time liking Tanner. I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to at first. I mean, he isn’t named Treachery for shits and giggles. He really is a treacherous asshole. I mean, everything that he could do to fuck people over, he did, and then some. There were all kinds of things that he did just for shits and giggles, or that he did and didn’t see a problem with. In the later part of the book, I really warmed up to him and started to like him more and more. He’s still not necessarily a good person, I mean, he’s still Treachery, and he still wants to fuck people over. Of course, some of the people actually deserve it this time. We learn more about him and his motivation, which is part of what makes me like him more.

I really like Luca all the time. I think that she was smart and had some tricks, but I think that she was also a little naive. Not in a bad way or anything, but she is mostly honest and pretty open, which makes it hard for her to plan ahead like Tanner and his friends, because she just doesn’t think in the same way that they do. She gets ideas and comes up with things that she’s pretty sure will help her win, but the problem is that she is just one person and one person who hasn’t been twisted the way that the Inferno boys have been, so it’s hard for her to get ahead of them more than a step or two.  I think that she’s a brave woman though, and I think that she is going to be very powerful.

I can’t wait for the upcoming books.


I have suspicions as to what happened to Everly, and I can’t wait for her book to see what it was.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. go check it out! Happy reading!


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