Jenika Snow-Wicked Bedmate

Jenika’s Wicked Bedmate is the last of my Cocky Hero books. I’m going to go on record and say that this isn’t my favorite out of the books. I felt like it was a slow burn and then the end was abrupt. I enjoyed it, but I probably won’t reread it. That won’t stop me from reading other Jenika Snow books, which I have and enjoyed them, so there’s that. Not every book is a huge hit with everyone. It happens.

So, we have Linda. She has just gone through pretty much the worst week ever. She got fired by her asshole boss for something that was completely beyond her control and something that she could have never done anything about. Then, she tries to get new jobs, and gets into the interviews, and as soon as people find out that she was fired, they aren’t interested. Frankly, she only worked there for like 2 months, I don’t get why she put that job on her resume at all, but that’s just me. Then, she goes out on a blind date that her best friend strong armed her into, and gets rip-roaring drunk and wakes up at her date’s house.

And even worse? When she walks into her next interview, one that she thinks that she’s perfect for, it’s her blind date, Jason. Well, fuck.

Jason is determined to get Linda, even though she isn’t so sure. He’s her boss and she really is kinda like, dude, boss. I get her reasoning behind that, because she’s getting paid super good, and if there is a problem, then she’s going to be kinda screwed and not in the fun way.

I like Linda. I think that she really was determined to do what she thought was best, which was to keep her head down and get her job done, even if her boss does give her the screaming thigh sweats.

Overall, it’s not a bad book, and they make a good couple.

No spoilers today, so go check it out!


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