K Webster-Cocksure Ace

So, there are actually a whole lot of the Cocky Heroes Club books that came out today. I have 4 of the books that came out today,  Cocksure Ace by K Webster, Wicked Bedmate by Jenika Snow, Clutch Player by Nikki Ash, and Sexy Scoundrel by Raisa Greywood. Today I’m reviewing Cocksure Ace, K Webster. The other 3 will come out in the next few days.

Sheridan is a hardass. She’s had to be every since her mom died. She’s strong, fierce, and is a top executive at her father’s company. She’s also on her way to Costa Rica, where her father is getting remarried and his best friend, David, is going to be there. Sheridan has a thing for David, and she figures that she can convince him during this week that they are perfect for each other. While she’s sitting in the private lounge waiting for her flight, the other passengers start to filter in. We have the fabulous Damian, who sees the word extra and takes it further, his assistant Kyle, Estefania who is a beautiful singer, and an older couple. The woman is just positive that Damian is her son, Henry. All of these people are on Sheridan’s last nerve before the flight even loads, and she just wants to get to Costa Rica, but when the pilot says he can’t go until his co-pilot shows up, she’s more than ready to be gone. When he shows up, CZ, or Camilo, who grew up in Mexico, acts like he only speaks Spanish. Right up until he decides that it’s the perfect time to answer a question in perfect English.

Meanwhile, Camilo is horribly annoyed by this entitle rich bitch who acts like everyone is beneath her. He just wants to fly to Costa Rica with no problems. But, it turns out that there is a really big problem named Rodrigo. Rodrigo is a hurricane and he’s made a turn that makes it impossible for them to fly to Costa Rica, so they end up having to land in a small town in Mexico. One which just happens to be his hometown and where the only hotel in town is owned by his mother.

I didn’t particularly care for Sheridan at first. She had all kinds of walls up, and well, we’ve all met that Rich Bitch Karen, and she was very much that. But, it turns out that as soon as those walls started to crack, I liked her more. And it’s not like they cracked by themselves. Estefania had a lot to do with them cracking, as did Damian. Those two are huge bulldozers and they didn’t really take no for an answer. I really liked them and I thought that they were good for Sheridan.

CZ is definitely cocky. He does have his own issues, and he’s kind of a jerk at times. But, he is, overall, a good man. He just needed to get his head out of his own damn ass.

At its heart, this story was more than just a love story between Sheridan and Camilo. It’s more about finding yourself and being happy when you do find yourself, and figuring out what makes you you and makes you happy. It’s about friends and family, and I think that it makes it a great story.


David seems like a huge jerk. I’m not sure that I like Camilo’s mom at first. Eddie is just a sweetie.

OK, that’s all for this one, come back tomorrow for more Cocky Heroes!


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