Alta Hensley-Naughty Girl

Alta likes to give us surprise releases, and she sure did that here. Naughty Girl dropped today, and it’s a fun, filthy, darkish story to read. I really enjoyed all the dirtiness in the story, and all the emotions. (spoiler, I cried).

So, here’s our story. Hailey used to be a bookkeeper of a Mob family. Then they got busted. And she does something really not good. She starts singing like a canary and tells the LEOs everything she knows. And worse yet, Stefano and Thomas, the heads of the Bennato family, know what she did, and that means that bad things are probably going to happen to her.

So, of course bad things happen. Because if they didn’t, it would be a really short book, right? The Bennato brothers catch her, and bring her to an almost empty manor. They tell her that she’s going to have to earn their forgiveness, marry one of them, and then she’s going to bear their heir.

Stefano and Thomas are identical twins, with the only differences being that one has a scar on their face. But, they do have some differences personality-wise. Stefano seems to be a little harder, and I think that he is also much more controlled and stoic than Thomas is. Thomas, while still hard, and stoic and all that, seems to have a little bit more kindness than Stefano, and seems to be a little more reasonable.

I like Hailey. I think that when it comes to it, she stands up for what she wants, and tries to get what she needs. She made me cry once.

OK, go check it out. Nothing as a spoiler today. It’s a short read, so go check it out!




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