Kitty Thomas-Perfection

Kitty usually takes a while to get us a new book, not that I’m complaining, the wait is always worth it. However, we have a new one from her not too long after her latest release. So, yay! Let’s talk about Perfection.

We open to the remnants of a murder. Casia has murdered her “perfect” husband. At least, he looks perfect from the outside. From the inside, he’s a fucking fucker who cheats on his wife and beats the crap out of her. He’s controlling, jealous, and accuses her of cheating on him with her gay dance partner. So she poisoned him, chopped him up into 19 tiny little pieces, taken him out to the ocean, and dropped him in. Which, you know, turning into fish shit seems like a good plan for him.

Casia thinks that she’s gotten away with it, and gets up to go to the ballet company that she dances in the corps for so that she can get to work, training for the next ballet, which happens to be Swan Lake. The day happens to be her birthday, and she goes to her locker, which is decorated with balloons and such, and a card saying happy birthday, and oh, I know what you did last night, appear at this old opera house on this day at this time, or else. Oh, fuck. That’s not a good thing. But, after a day of being horribly stressed out, she shows up and finds out that she’s basically going to be doing extra training with her blackmailer.

There is a Phantom of the Opera feel to this one. I’m not going to say that it’s a Phantom update or homage or anything, but there is a bit of that vibe in there. Plus, being a Kitty book, it’s dark, kinky, and has some twisty turny bits, because those are her trademarks. This isn’t necessarily the darkest of her books. I know which one I think is the darkest.

Anyway, I don’t know how I feel about Casia. She is annoying sometimes, and maybe gets into the I may have to smack her sometimes territory. I do like her at times. But that’s one of the great things about Kitty’s characters. You sometimes like them, you sometimes hate them, and in the same book.


There were a couple of things that I totally didn’t even see coming. I mean, wow.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


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