Nikki Landis-Ridin’ For Hell

Nikki Landis has entered into the world of the Royal Bastards Motorcycle Club with Ridin’ For Hell. This one has a little bit of an added touch. There is a slight paranormal aspect to it, but not so much that it can overwhelm you if you aren’t a huge PNR fan.

Rael, short for Azrael, is the Sargent at Arms in the Tonopah NV chapter of the RBMC. He used to be in the head chapter in NOLA, but after his sister was murdered, Rancid drove Rael and Jameson out of the chapter. Luckily, Rael found somewhere to land.

Now, years later, he’s still trying to track down the people in charge of his sister’s death. He’s going to do what it takes. He has no problems with torturing or killing people, because he’s gotten a taste for it now. One night, when he’s looking for information about a Russian and an enemy MC, he takes a ride and hears a woman screaming. He gets there only to find that the woman has been viciously attacked, and partially burned, but she’s alive. He punishes the guys who were hurting her, and then takes Trixie to the hospital.

When he gets her to the hospital, a nurse there attacks him. Turns out her name is Nylah, and she’s Trixie’s sister, and she figures that Rael is the one who hurt her, so she punches him but good.

I like that this story is more than just Nylah and Rael’s story. We also get to know Trixie and Patriot, who is one of Rael’s brothers. We also get some crossover with other RBMC books, including Crimson Syn’s book. You get to see events from more than one POV, which is always nice.

I like Nylah. She’s determined, loyal, and knows what she wants. She’s got no problem with doing what she can to take care of her sister, and she will fight anyone she needs to. She’s also really smart. She looks at situations to see what she needs to do to get through that particular situation and to survive it. Altogether, I think that she’s a great character.

Azrael isn’t bad. I think that he holds himself more responsible over some things that he really should, but I get why he does that. I think that he has a honorable core, for his own level of honor. It’s not my version of honor, but it works for him.


You know, I can’t think of anything I want to put here. So there’s that.

Go check out this one, and all the RBMC books. Happy reading!

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