Skye Warren-Mating Theory

Mating Theory is part of Skye’s Trust Fund books, which are part of the larger Tanglewood set of books. I don’t know that I would necessarily call the Tanglewood books a series so much. I just think of them as a world, I guess. Whatever, however. It works for Skye and it works for me, so it’s all good.

So, this is Sutton’s book. We first met him in Survival of the Richest, with Christopher and Harper. He was in love with both of them, and when they found their own love and chose each other, it broke him, and the friendship he had with Christopher. And yet, when Christopher asked him to be his best man at the wedding, Sutton said yes. Then he proceeded to get seriously drunk for a long time. In the days before the wedding, Hugo comes to drag Sutton out of his alcoholic miasma and reminds him that the wedding is coming, and that the bachelor party is coming.

At the bachelor party, Sutton is there talking to Christopher, and when the wedding is brought up, Sutton tells everyone that he has been seeing someone, only he really hasn’t. There is one person that he has on his mind, that he met weeks ago. Her name was Ashleigh, but he really doesn’t know where to find her because their first meeting took place under less than optimal circumstances.

Ashleigh, unknown to Sutton, happens to be standing outside the Den, where the party is happening. She’s trying to get a customer so that she can get some money. She turns one guy down, but then Sutton’s there, and there is much less turning down going on.

I really like Sutton. He is a good man. He might not think that he is, but he has such a good heart. He’s willing to let people basically slice him apart all the time, just so that they will be happy. Then he meets Ashleigh, and he feels bad about things about her too, even if he really shouldn’t. At least, in general. I think that Sutton generally just wants her to be happy, even if he isn’t.

Ashleigh also has a huge heart. She might protect it a little better than Sutton does, but I make no guarantees on that one, because she has her protective lines too. I don’t think that she sacrifices herself as much as Sutton does, but there is some there.

I’m really hoping we get Ky and Mr. Monopoly’s story.


I really don’t like Christopher or Harper in this one. They don’t really come off well.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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