Grace Goodwin-Her Cyborg Warriors

Today’s St. Paddy’s Day gift is a new book from Grace Goodwin, Her Cyborg Warriors. We are back on the Colony with this one, and I’m always excited to see a new Colony book. There are a lot of reasons for that, but one is that those guys need so much love. They have gotten left behind so much, and the Coalition tends to ignore them, so they need the love. All the love. So, let’s talk about today’s book.

We start with Mikki, who isn’t a volunteer to the IBP, well, she is, but she isn’t. She was arrested and convicted and sentenced to 10 years in jail, but if she volunteers to be a bride, she can get off with time served, and never come back to earth. (FTR: she shot holes in two empty whalers. She a water scientist researcher conservationist type person.) So, she decides that she’ll join the IBP and find a hot and sexy alien to love. When she goes through the testing, there are some issues, including the fact that she fights it, and they have to go further with her. but she’s finally matched.

As a sidenote, I worried about Egara for a minute, because we had some other Warden there, but it’s OK, she was there. I can’t wait for her story, hint, hint.

Mikki gets matched to the Colony and to a pair of Prillons. Her primary mate is Dr. Surnen and her second is Captain Trax. Surnen is very rigid and rulebound. He follows every single rule, regulation, and protocol. I think he even makes up some of his own. He’s also very, very dedicated to his job. He has his reasons as to why. When Trax tells him that his mate is arriving, it takes a minute for Surnen to pull his head out of his ass. But he does, and he rushes down to meet Mikki. Which is one of the most interesting mate meetings ever. I wouldn’t mind being met like she was.

I like Mikki. I love how passionate she is about everything, and how she’s going to fight for what she believes is right, and will do what it takes to handle things. I like how she and Surnen interact at the beginning, because I think that he needed it. I also like how she interacted with Trax. I think that Trax needed to have that at that moment more than Surnen did.

We actually don’t get to know Trax all that well, other than the fact that he really kinda hates himself in the beginning, because he’s been “contaminated”, but I’m pretty sure that he’s a nice, honorable male. He is very much about making sure that he is doing the right thing and about taking care of his mate and his partner. I really like that about him.

We get to know Surnen a lot more. I sometimes was really mad at him, but I mostly like him. I think the things that made me really mad were mostly remnants of his trauma from his childhood, and if I was frustrated about them, then probably so was Mikki, and so was he.


Trax and the water was really interesting.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out. Happy reading!


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