Eva Charles-Bound

So last year, Eva Charles write the Devil’s Duet, which are the first 2 books in the Devil’s Due series. I noted at the time that there were parts of that story which touched perilously close on American politics, which was a nice added layer to the story. Anyway, in that book, we met Smith, the hero’s best friend and security guy. And interestingly enough, Smith is his first name. Bound is his story. You don’t have to have read the first 2 books to get this one, but it will help because you will get more of a flavor of what is going on.

So, Kate is an investigative reporter. She got in on a story about JD Wilder (hero from the last book), but she’s back in Charleston looking up info on a new story. She keeps sniffing around Wilder’s brother, but that’s because she’s pretty sure that he’s a link to the story that she really wants. He wants her to back off, so he sics Smith on her. Only, things don’t necessarily work out that way. After all, she’s a journalist, and she knows there’s a story there. Plus, she owes it to her mother to win a Pulitzer Prize. So, she’s going to stay on her story, no matter what Smith says or does.

Then we have Smith, who is controlling, cautious, possibly paranoid, very security-minded, and a former Special Forces kinda guy. He knows that he has to get Kate to leave the Wilders alone, so he thinks that he’s going to chase her off. He decides that he’s going to fuck around with her, and does exactly that. What he didn’t count on was wanting to fuck her. He thinks he’s managed to chase her off, right until he runs into her again, and discovers that she quit her job at the paper, sublet an apartment, and moved to Charleston.

On the other side, we have Father Jesse. Kate is Catholic and has always connected well with priests, so when Father Jesse comes into the library where she’s working and meets her, she decides that she’ll go to his church for Mass, and they develop a true connection. Maybe.

I like Kate a lot. I think that she has a lot of inner strength. I also think that her family are a bunch of fuckholes. The way that they treat her in her past and in the present is just horrid. The only person who actually treated her well was Liam, who is now gone. But I still think that she’s really strong and determined. She does everything that she can to get the story that she wants.

I actually like Smith a lot. I liked what we learned of him in the last book. He is an honorable man, even if he has had to do dishonorable things in his life. He is incredibly protective over everyone that he knows. There is really only 1 time in the book where I downright want to strangle the man, and frankly, he would’ve deserved it if I had. He acted like a complete asshole at the time.

Father Jesse is an interesting character, and that’s as far as I’m going to go with him.


I felt really sorry for Petey. I don’t know that I ever really trusted some of the people in the book.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


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