Ava Sinclair-Sins of the Father

When it comes to titles, Ava plays games. You look at a title like Sins of the Father, and it could mean one thing if you look at it from one way and it can look like something completely different if you look at it another way. I really like that a lot.

Father Dominic is just about to take over his new parish from Father Morris, who is retiring. He’s been there for a year to learn about the parish and to get some mentoring from Fr. Morris, but it’s his turn now. Part of all the stuff he has to deal with is that the church secretary will be leaving too, which means that he has to find a new one. As a favor to Father Morris, Father Dominic goes to dinner at one of the deacon’s house to meet his daughter to hire her to be the church secretary.

Carmen went to college and got a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She really wanted to stay away from her father, but jobs for people who just have a BS are few and far between. So, back to her father’s house she has to go, sadly. Her father is a jackass and tells her that she needs to work as the church’s new secretary. She tries to get the father to say he won’t hire her, but there’s just something about her, and he does hire her.

I felt so sorry for Carmen. I mean, when I say her father is a jackass, I may actually be insulting jackasses. He’s just a nasty piece of work and probably deserves to be firmly kicked in the balls. A fucking lot. I volunteer to do it. Let me borrow the kid’s steel toed boots, and I’ll be right on it. If I burst one of his testicles, so be it. Anyway, I digress. Carmen just really hurts, and I just really want to just give her a hug and a cuddle and tell her that things will get better. She just needs to have someone do that for her.

Father Dominic is a really good man. His goal in life is to take care of his flock. He just wants to be a good priest to everyone under his care, to make sure that people are safe and have everything they need. There’s just something about Carmen that draws him to her and really makes him want to make sure that she’s safe and cared for. He just wants to wrap her up in bubble wrap and a blanket.

This is a quick read, but it works as a complete story. I don’t feel like anything is missing to it or that anything was rushed through it. It is nicely wrapped up and you get a great story.


I really, really, really hate Carmen’s father. He brings up bad feelings, and I want him to burn in hell.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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