E J Frost-Snowburn

So, EJ writes speculative fiction, which is a fancy way of saying that she writes scifi. You may remember me talking about how scifi was really my first one true love. I may have started out with stealing my mom’s Harlequin romances, VC Andrew’s books, and Stephen King stories, but once I found science fiction, I discovered new worlds. Scifi is still one of my gotos and always will be, whether it has romance and all the sexy sex in it (Snowburn really does) or doesn’t have any of that. And EJ’s books are going to really fit right into that, I think.

So, here’s our story. We have Hale. Hale is a very, very, very dangerous man. He’s been modified, trained to be the space equivalent of a SEAL, and escaped a number of prisons. Now he’s living under the name Snow on a small world, and piloting a cargo ship and doing deliveries on that planet as well to other planets. One day, he discovers he’s being followed by a woman with long, white blonde dreads. It turns out that her name is Kez and she’s a runner. She needs a pilot that night for a run, and she wants him to do it.

Kez is a runner, which means that she picks up packages and items and delivers them from one place to another. The runs aren’t always easy, in fact, the runs we see her do here aren’t easy at all. But she does them, she does them quite well, and she prides herself on never dropping or failing a run. Kez has friends and connections all through the underground (sometimes quite literally), which lets her do all the runs she needs to do. The run she has to do tonight has a very tight schedule, and one missed moment is going to make it really hard, but it’s one of the most important runs she’s ever done, so she’s going to work even harder at it.

As you may guess, Kez and Snow/Hale really like each other, a lot. Snow hates a lot of people. In fact, Snow hates pretty much all the people ever. But there’s something about Kez that he really likes. Kez likes him from the very beginning, which is why she followed him, and that really kind of surprises Snow, because he’s used to people not really liking him, because well, he’s him. But, like I said, there’s just something about Kez that totally disarms Snow. I think that they are totally soulmates and he senses that she fills that part of his soul and it just completes him.

I think that Kez is an amazing character. She is that strong female lead that I wanted to read when I was 12. She’s strong and determined and is going to do everything she can to do what she needs to, no matter what. But, she’s also willing to listen to Hale and follow him when it’s appropriate. There are times when she’s the expert, and she will take the lead, and times when Hale is the expert and she needs to follow. She’s also not willing to be anything less than a full partner when it comes to being with Hale. I love their negotiations.

Hale is incredibly dangerous, but he has a really good heart, deep down. Deep, deep, deep, deep down. So deep, it only has room for 1 person in a billion. He’s sure enough of himself to have no problem stepping back when necessary and admitting that he isn’t the right person to do what needs to be done. He also has no problem backing up Kez when necessary. I really like that he listens to her, really listens to her, to see what she needs for him to do. Or wants for him to do. Sometimes he knows that he has to do things that she doesn’t want him to do, but he is doing what she needs for him to do.

I don’t particularly care for Nevvie. I think that she is thoughtless, and hurts people around her casually. I truly dislike Ape. I’ve known him, or people like him, and they all make me want to smack them. I do like Chiara, or at least what we saw of her.

And the bunnies! Oh, the bunnies!

There is supposed to be a sequel, Throwing Fire, coming out soon. I really hope that EJ hurries with that.


Erin-the-Assassin can just go burn in the lowest level of hell, and then keep burning, and burning, and burning. Bitch.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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