Anna Edwards-Frozen Sector

Frozen Sector is the first book in the shared world series Zombie Year 2099. I think, don’t 100% quote me on this, but I think they are all standalones. I have more of them that I’ll be reading, so as soon as I read the next one, I can tell you for sure. Anyway, Anna gets us started off.

So, here’s our world. In 2099, zombies took over the world. These aren’t your Night of the Living Dead “They’re coming to get you, Barbara” zombies that are just going to shamble around and then eat your brains. No, these motherfuckers are truly nasty little things. They are smart, well as smart as they were in real life at least, they can talk, and they still want to eat you. And not in the good way.

Five years ago, the zombies came to the North Pole. Santa disappeared and the elves fought as valiantly as they could, but they weren’t able to get free. Fraeya was the princess of the elves, and she fought at her fiance’s side, Vaegon. But, all of a sudden, while they were trying to fight off the zombies, their magic completely disappeared. They could no longer control the ice and snow, and the elf knights could no longer call their swords to them so that they could fight. Without their magic, they were an easy target for the zombies.

In the years since, Fraeya and the other females have acted as “wives” to the zombies. For wives read slaves. They were stuck having to do everything that the zombies wanted them to do, including having to take care of the humans that the zombies want to eat, and even choosing out the humans. Fraeya tries to avoid that as much as possible, but the lead zombie, Rott, makes her do it as often as he can, and if she doesn’t or if she tries to protect the other elves, she gets punished. At least she’s still at the North Pole.

Then we have Vaegon, the love of Fraeya’s life. They have been each other’s everything for years, and they were going to be married. Then, zombies. The zombies didn’t want to the guys to stay near their women, because that would be bad. They also didn’t want to leave the males near them. Weak or not, the zombies wanted to make sure that there was no way in hell that Vaegon and his guys could even think about fighting for and with Fraeya and her ladies. So they sold all the male elves down to Mexico, to work in the fields for werewolves. It’s hot and nasty and disgusting and the ice elves hate it because, well, ice elves in Mexico.

After 5 years, Fraeya is about to take all her ladies and escape. She thinks that she feels Vaegon for the first time years, and she just can’t handle any more. She manages to escape, and she gets to Vaegon. Then all the things happen.

Fraeya has got ovaries of steel. She really does. And I like her a lot. She doesn’t take a lot of shit that she doesn’t have to, and she will go and do the things that she feels are right, even if other people, like, oh say Vaegon, doesn’t think that they are the right thing to do. She will also go out and fight like the queen that she is.

Vaegon is a good guy, and a great leader. He wants to make sure that all his elves are OK, and he will put himself on the line in order to make sure that they are. Not only will he, but he actually does put himself right out on the line. He and Fraeya are a good match. They are both strong in ways that complement each other very well. It’s a very good balance for them, which is what makes them very efficient leaders.

I really like their story, and I would love for Anna to write more of them.


Santa, Santa, Santa.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Anna Edwards-Frozen Sector”

  1. I didn’t know anything about this series until I got an ARC for Lexi Foss’s contribution, Andorra Sector, which I absolutely loved (it’s releasing on 14th Jan and I HIGHLY recommend it – omegaverse + werewolves!!). Now I’m going back and reading the series. It has a “shared universe” feel to it and each book is by a different author. I really like the world building and characters so far. This is definitely a series I’ll be keeping an eye on. 🙂


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