Kay Elle Parker-Speechless

I want to say that Kay Elle’s latest book left me Speechless, but that would make for a mighty short blog post,  now wouldn’t it? It did leave me stunned in the very best kind of way. It left me wanting so much more. So.Much.More All the more, in fact. But with all the more that I want, I would be OK if there weren’t any more books in this particular world because the ending as one of those ones that is both satisfying and just a little bit of a tease, to make you want more. Our girl did gooood with that.

We open on a nearly naked woman who is only wearing a rag of a shirt and is escaping in a cold and snowy Montana winter. We don’t know yet who she is escaping from, only that she’s terrified as fuck that she will be caught. I mean, she’s so terrified of being caught, that she thinks to herself that she would rather crawl through the snow on her hands and knees to get away. It doesn’t matter where she ends up as long as she gets away. It doesn’t matter if she dies, because then she will be safe. But just as she’s on her last bit of energy, she sees a light in the woods. A light that turns out to be a bar. When she gets into the bar, she’s attacked by a whole bunch of fuckholes. Luckily, there is a knight in shining armor at the bar.

Connor is the local doctor and he’s drinking at his brother’s bar. It’s a damn good thing that he’s there too. When he sees the fuckholes going after this poor young woman who is in terrible, terrible, terrible shape, he jumps in and beats them down, with the help of his brother, Cain. Then he takes our poor young woman to his house, where his office also is. He calls his nurse, Sarah, in so that they can examine this woman and try to find out what is going on with her.

When they examine her, they ask her what her name is, and all she does is pull her shirt open and show them her chest, where she is branded with the word WHORE. Connor is like newp. He and Sarah decide that they are going to call her Jenna, because she doesn’t seem to be able to talk.

Kay Elle Parker writes really strong heroines. I mean, her heroines are way up on my kickass women list. You might not think that poor broken Jenna is on that list, but she really is a very, very, very strong woman. I think that she might be one of the strongest female characters that I have ever read. Strength comes in all kinds of forms, and Jenna is incredibly strong.

If you can’t tell, I really like her. She is so broken, so damaged, so profoundly injured, but she manages to start to heal. Yes, she had help from Connor, but no one fixes themselves alone, especially not to the depth she was. The fact is, that while Connor was there to be her support and outside strength, she had to be the one who broke through what happened to her and make the steps. I like that Jenna’s recovery happened in the way that it did. It seems like the most natural way to me.

I like Connor. He has a really good, solid core. Jenna sees him as a warrior, a knight with a sword to protect people, and I totally agree with her about that. He really is a warrior of the light. He wants to make sure that Jenna is safe, from everyone and everything. He is a Dom, and I would know that he was a Dom even if he hadn’t said that he was. It’s kind of really obvious. He’s also really good at taking care of Jenna. Of course, there are some bumps along the way, but there were always going to be. It wasn’t ever going to be easy, not with what happened.

There are a lot of side characters in here. I love Sarah and Zeke. Sarah is better than a come to Jesus meeting. I’m pretty sure a come to Sarah would be much scarier. Hadley does his best to be a good guy in a really shitty situation. Connor has two brothers, Cain and Caleb. Cain is pretty fun, but that fun facade hides a really serious core. Caleb is the town sheriff, and he’s no Andy Griffith, let me tell you. He’s a total jerkoff. I mean, damn. I think he lets a little power go to his head.

And of course, Luna. Luna is my favorite side character.


I had a feeling about Sire and his friend, and I was right about them. I was kinda happy to find out that I was right. Sad too, because that could mean bad things in the future.

I won’t even mention Penelope’s family, because damn.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading.

Cora Kenborn-Blue Lines Cover Reveal!

Title – Drawn Blue Lines: A Carrera Cartel Novel
Author: Cora Kenborn
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense Standalone (Mafia)
Release Date: December 5, 2019
Cover Design: Marisa Rose-Wesley of Cover Me Darling, LLC.
Loyalty is the deadliest sin
Every devil doesn’t always get his due.
I survived a fate worse than death, and the only thing my family’s traitor got was my birthright.
I used to rule an empire. Brody Harcourt made me a pariah.
Now, I’m back for more than revenge. I‘m here to reclaim and ruin. All I want to do is to build him up just to watch him fall.
But sometimes, things don’t go as planned.
He’s the enemy, the one man I can never fall for.
And the only one I do.
Eventually, everyone’s true colors show.
I swore to uphold an oath then sold my soul to the darkness I fought so hard to destroy.
I used to put criminals behind bars. Adriana Carrera turned me into one.
I no longer ask for permission, and I care nothing about forgiveness. I’ll protect what’s mine by beating her at her own game.
She should know I take what I want.
A year ago, I took the queen’s crown.
Now I want the queen.
Cora Kenborn is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes in multiple genres from dark and gritty romantic suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. Known for her sharp banter and shocking blindsides, Cora pushes her characters and readers out of their comfort zones and onto an emotional roller coaster before delivering a twisted happily ever after.
Cora believes there’s nothing better than a feisty heroine who keeps her alpha on his toes, and she draws inspiration from the sassy country women who raised her. However, since the domestic Southern Belle gene seems to have skipped a generation, she spends any free time convincing her family that microwaving Hot Pockets counts as cooking dinner.
Oh, and autocorrect thinks she’s obsessed with ducks.



Raisa Greywood-Wicked Fire

Raisa has gone back to her magical world of dragons, Sidhe, mages, and two-natured. I have been looking forward to Wicked Fire because I wanted to find out more about Drako and Morgaine, and this book let me do that, for sure.

So, for those who don’t remember, Morgaine is an ancient mage who has a hardon for the Archer family. She has done all she can to kill the entire family, down to Lily, who has 3 powerful husbands, including Myrddin, Morgaine’s old friend and teacher. Morgaine talked to a crazy dark elf named Teran and managed to get him to hold Lily prisoner. He did horrrrrible things to Lily.

For her pains, Morgaine ended up trapped in a stone, sentenced to be there until it turned into dust. She had no contact with anyone, although the king of the light elves would give her stuff every 10th anniversary. That included books, laptops, TVs, and radios. She could watch the world go by, but she couldn’t interact with it. It was a quiet existence, but not a terrible one, at least once she had the books and computer. She spent a lot of time researching and learning, which she loved. But then, there’s an earthquake, which destroys her prison. She gets picked up by a pair of elves, who tell her that the light king and the dark queen are going to give her another chance for redemption. She has to go kill Teran, who has escaped. And oh yeah, she has to do it without her magic, and if she fails, she dies. Meanwhile, she has to go from Cornwall to London in 6 hours to catch her flight. Now, Morgaine has been locked up in a stone for over a century, so trying to get from here to there is really hard for her. But, she manages to make it to New York, where she sees Lily and her husbands, who, of course, want to attack her.

So, Drako is the last dragon on Earth. He was bound to Myrddin for centuries, and now he’s bound to his many-times granddaughter, Lily. He’s a living tattoo on her back, but all he needs is a little magic, and he can be free. When Morgaine shows up, he tells Lily to free him, and he’ll handle Morgaine. After all, he doesn’t like her much either, since she killed all of his Archer descendants because Fergus wouldn’t leave his wife for her, or at least, that’s her story. So, Drako gets his freedom, and he takes Morgaine to his hoard. He says that he’s not interested in her, but he’s not about to trust her at all, because he knows that her story about having to get Teran is all bullshit. He figures that she only wants to get to Teran so that they can work together.

You know, finding out more about Morgaine made me really like her. I didn’t like her all that much in other books, mostly because she was cast as a villain in those books. But, her story makes me look back at her actions in the other books, and say ooooohhhhh, that’s why she did this. It was shitty, but it could’ve been worse, and I totally understand it now. I really like her now. This book gave her an excellent redemption arc, but really, I think that her redemption may have started much earlier. I’m going to have to go back and reread everything all at once, just so I can doublecheck.

I have liked Drako, but there were times in this one when I got really mad at him. I don’t know how much of why I got mad at him is the fact that he isn’t just out of touch, but that he’s hundreds and hundreds of years out of touch or how much he is acting on preconceived notions. I mean, yeah, he was there with Myrddin and Lily all those many years, but he spent a lot of that time kind of sleeping, and didn’t pay as much attention as he could’ve, so he’s still working on old behaviors. I can understand why he treated Morgaine the way he did at first, but when he started seeing stuff in her that was contrary to what he thought he knew, he just decided that she was lying and didn’t believe her or do anything to actually help.

I think that a lot of people failed Morgaine from the very beginning. I totally understand why she acted the way she did in the beginning. Even with being as strong as she was, she was innocent, trusting, and vulnerable. Everything could’ve been so different if she hadn’t been failed as she was.

There was one particular part that absolutely broke my heart and left me ugly crying.


Yan was fascinating. And I’m really hoping that we’ll get a story of Yan and Omer, because I’m pretty sure that would be totally awesome. And Feather’s story too.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Kitty Thomas-The Con Artist Available Now!

The Con Artist
Kitty Thomas
Publication date: November 12th 2019
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Romance

Art. Obsession. Twisted possession.

When starving artist Saskia Roth meets Lachlan Niche, a local art collector and tech tycoon, she has no idea how her life is about to change. One act of desperation, one con gone wrong, and she finds herself at the mercy of a powerful man she fears and despises-or so she thinks.

As her desire for him grows, life as his captive becomes something more… something that could both transform her and destroy her.

EXCLUSIVE first teaser scene from the upcoming: THE ESCAPE ARTIST at the back of the book!

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Quill set the box next to the cage and walked the few feet to where Saskia sat like a sculpture on the ground. He pulled her up and, without a word, began to undress her. She didn’t dare speak.

He unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off her hips, his hands running carefully over each inch of skin as he exposed it to the cool air. She braced her hands against his shoulders as she stepped out of the jeans, kicking her own shoes off in the process.

She’d worn a thong under the pants—subconsciously seducing him, knowing he’d discover it because of course this was coming. Quill ran an appreciative hand over the bared flesh, then removed the thong as well. She was left in the black cami top and collar. She hadn’t bothered with a bra on the plane. She’d tried not to think too much about that choice.

It took almost nothing, not even the hint of a breeze, for her nipples to stand at attention.

Typically, she wore bras with padding, not to look larger, but to avoid looking sexually excited even when she wasn’t. It attracted the wrong kind of attention. And she couldn’t be bothered to constantly explain to men with a frat-boy mentality that they just did that.

Quill cupped her breasts over the thin fabric and tweaked her nipples into even harder points as he stared into her eyes in the most unnerving way. She tried to look down. Some demure submissive instinct? She wasn’t sure, but when her gaze dropped, he slipped a hand under her chin and forced her gaze back to his.

Minutes passed in this aching silence. It was a challenge. A game. Who would speak first? As in any negotiation, whoever spoke first, lost. She knew that at least. She’d already lost once with this man, and she wasn’t willing to keep doing it.

Finally, he peeled her top off, and she stood on the cold marble floor, the sun from the skylight warming her back… waiting.

She didn’t wait long. He led her quietly to one of the Greek columns on the south end of the gallery and extracted a key from his pocket to unlock the chains. He turned her to face the column and locked each wrist in place so that her arms were stretched high over her head in a V. Then he did the same with her ankles. She felt as if she’d been left for a lion to rip apart in some huge amphitheater while the bored elite looked on.

Quill dragged the mystery box over to the column. She wouldn’t let herself look inside, too afraid if she saw what all he’d brought out here to torture her with, she’d start screaming and begging for mercy. She closed her eyes as large, strong hands skimmed over her back.

Despite her fear, her body arched into his caress. He pressed a soft kiss against her shoulder, then he rooted around in the box until he found what he was looking for.

Saskia wished there was a clock on the wall, something to mark this length of silence. Some tiny clicking tick tick tick so she could feel and know that time was still a thing that moved even as she stood frozen in this space.

She waited for him to say something. Anything. But now that it had begun, he seemed devoted to this eerie peace.

She jumped as something thudded against the skylight. There was a flapping of wings, and she looked up in time to see a disoriented raven fly off. A beat later, the whip came down across her back, and she winced against its bite.

She hadn’t had time to register the sound as it sliced through the air, the noise competing with the bird outside. But she heard it the second time, so sharp and loud it seemed it could rip time and space apart. The leather licked across her flesh like a serpent made of flame, and all she could do in response was tremble in his chains.

Screaming, crying, begging, all of these things would have been appropriate, but Saskia couldn’t do it. She couldn’t break this vow of silence she’d committed to, and it seemed neither could he. Neither of them spoke, too locked into this trance to interrupt its flow now.

The only sounds that spilled forth into the gallery were the snap and crack of the whip and the tiny gasps as it stole her breath. The tears finally came, sliding down her cheeks in that same respectful silence. And she knew, even without words between them, that he was pleased.

She counted each lash in her mind. She felt his strength, not in how hard he waled on her, but in how he restrained himself and held each strike in check.

Finally, he returned the whip to the box. She tensed, waiting for something else—not sure she could take more when no comfort was offered. While he hadn’t put her in physical peril, the lashes were much harder and more intense than the light play she’d experienced at the few kinky parties she’d been to on a lark.

And here there was no magic word she could say to make it all stop. All she could do if it became too much was beg and hope he’d have mercy on her.

Saskia startled when his hand wrapped around her throat, pulling her back, turning her tear-streaked face toward him. He left a long, lingering kiss on her mouth that took her breath away.

When he pulled back, he said, “I’m going to paint you now. Just like this.”


Author Bio:

KITTY THOMAS writes dark stories that play with power and have unconventional HEAs. She began publishing in early 2010 with her bestselling COMFORT FOOD and is considered one of the original authors of the dark romance subgenre.

To find out FIRST when a new book comes out, subscribe to Kitty’s New Release List: KITTYTHOMAS.COM

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Raisa Greywood-Jennifer’s Christmas Daddy Boost!

Jennifer & Kaden are a HOT holiday hit!
Grab Jennifer’s Christmas Daddy by Raisa Greywood now.

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Santa isn’t the only one who knows a good girl when he sees one…

With no two-legged companions to share the holiday, veterinarian Jennifer Dane volunteers to take the Christmas shift at the clinic. She’s got naughty books, a fridge full of treats, and some furry friends to keep her company. Things couldn’t get much merrier. That is, until Kaden McLeod wrecks his car near the hospital, and it’s Jennifer who patches the former military man up. In the process, it quickly becomes obvious that the two have a chemistry hot enough to singe mistletoe.

A daddy with all the best sugar for good girls, Kaden quickly earns Jennifer’s trust and submission, making her purr like a kitten with his demanding but tender affection. But when an unwelcome visitor puts an end to their idyllic holiday, Kaden will be forced to do a little chasing in order to salvage the duo’s New Year.

About Raisa

Author of filthy smut, empty nester, and cat snuggler, Raisa grew up in traveling all over the world with a military family, but finally settled down and married the love of her life. After nearly a quarter century together, she and her husband are still very much in love. They even hold hands in public! They share the house they bought as newlyweds with a pair of irascible cats and a big red rescue horse.

She’s worked as a teacher, an actuary (her husband called her a bookie – which isn’t too far from the truth), mother, scout leader, and is now enjoying semi-retirement.

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Addison Cain-Cathedral Available Now!



Title: Cathedral

A Cradle of Darkness Series Novel

Author: Addison Cain
Genre: Vampire Dark Romance

Release Date: November 18, 2019


“Addison Cain’s writing blows me away each time!” NYT
Bestselling author Anna Zaires
I sold my soul to win her.

First to her devil of a father, then to the true devil himself. The price
exacted nothing less than eternal fealty. A boon I’d gladly relinquish a
thousand times over to possess the love of my dark Princess.

Though she may hate me. Though my desire chars my bones black. I will love her

Virginal, devious, cruel, kind, she’s desperate for freedom. Used, wounded,
coddled, and spoiled—the only immortal who can walk in the sun—will be mine.

So long as I can remove her father from his ancient throne and place something
far worse upon that seat of power.

Publisher’s Note: Cathedral is a standalone novel in the Cradle of Darkness
series featuring in an HEA. The horror prequel, Catacombs, will enrich the
experience of this book but is not necessary. 


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Also Available

Proof of purchase required

Valid November 18 – 25, 2019

Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling author and Amazon Top 25 bestselling author, Addison Cain is best known for her dark romances, smoldering Omegaverse, and twisted alien worlds. Her antiheroes are not always redeemable, her lead females stand fierce, and nothing is ever as it seems.
Deep and sometimes heart wrenching, her books are not for the faint of heart. But they are just right for those who enjoy unapologetic bad boys, aggressive alphas,
and a hint of violence in a kiss.
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Raisa Greywood-Bastard’s New Baby Teaser!

Bastard’s New Baby by Raisa Greywood is available everywhere!!!

Amazon → https://amzn.to/34woYfU
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Jackson McKenna’s got a reputation to protect — he needs a wife.
Siobhan O’Malley has a baby to raise — she needs a husband.
He’s looking for the perfect woman to play with.
She’s looking for the perfect power play against a pair of greedy grandparents.
He wants to get down and dirty. She wants to fight even dirtier to protect her nephew.
Will their marriage of convenience fizzle as soon as they both get what they need, or is this a union that will sizzle with unexpected heat and chemistry?

About Raisa

Author of filthy smut, empty nester, and cat snuggler, Raisa grew up in traveling all over the world with a military family, but finally settled down and married the love of her life. After nearly a quarter century together, she and her husband are still very much in love. They even hold hands in public! They share the house they bought as newlyweds with a pair of irascible cats and a big red rescue horse.

She’s worked as a teacher, an actuary (her husband called her a bookie – which isn’t too far from the truth), mother, scout leader, and is now enjoying semi-retirement.

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JD Hollyfield & K Webster-Conheartists

I know that I generally talk about K’s darker or more taboo stuff, but this book isn’t. This book is a romcom. A tremendously funny, laugh out loud until I can’t breathe, almost peed myself romcom. I mean, yeah, it was so fucking funny. But you could very much pick up K’s touches in it. I haven’t really reviewed any of JD’s books on here, but she works a lot with K, both in co-writing situations and in shared world series. The collabs tend to be on the lighter side. So, let’s talk about Conheartists.

Luca is a lifelong con artist. He’s good at it. but, this time around, he’s bitten off a little more than he can chew. He’s managed to piss off a mobster named Arlo Rossi. Not only has he managed to piss off Rossi, he’s also managed to get Rossi chasing him. But, Rossi isn’t the only person who is after Luca. So is Mr. Death. He has taken Luca’s sister and little niece and has called Luca and told him that he needs to be at a certain address by a certain time, and oh yeah, steal a certain person.

Francis, AKA Frannie, lives in a tiny town in New Jersey called Teterboro, which has a steady population of under a hundred people. Her mom died a couple of years ago, and her dad died many, many years ago. Her mom owned an antique store, and now Frannie owns and runs the store, along with Mabel, her much older best friend, who was also her mother’s best friend. Frannie’s other best friend is Mabel’s twin sister, Beatrice. Bea loans Frannie some totally excellent smutty books. Frannie has a dog named Chandler Bing, she’s obsessed with Lean Cuisine and Richard Simmons. I can’t blame her about being obsessed with Richard, he’s a pretty awesome guy. Frannie is incredibly sheltered, and kind of lives in her own world, in a good way.

Things are all good, until some crazy man takes an axe to her front door, and tells her she’s being kidnapped. She thinks that Mabel and Bea have set up something to give her some kind of adventure, so she talks the guy into letting her pack and taking Chandler with her.

Luca calls Frannie a little squirrel, and she totally is. There’s a joke about people with ADHD getting dis…. SQUIRREL! See, totally true. The book never says that Frannie has ADHD, so I’m not saying that’s why she is the way that she is. I’m guessing it’s more that she’s just so damn hungry for new adventures, experiences, and memories. Everything she sees is something that is new to her, and it’s easy to get distracted when that happens. But it’s that very feature that makes her so damn charming and so damn sweet. Pretty much everyone who meets her falls for her because she’s so charming, enthusiastic, bubbly, and excited. I think that Frannie could be really close to incredibly annoying, but there’s just something about her that negates that possibility.

Luca is clever, loyal, and protective. You can tell just how much he is by the way he’s doing whatever Mr. Death wants him to do so that his sister and niece are safe. He also starts to feel that way about Frannie too. At first, he’s incredibly exasperated by her, which I can understand why he might feel that way, but it doesn’t take too long for him to change his mind and feel a totally different kind of way.

The book is primarily a dual POV, with a couple of other chapters from other POVs. We really get to know both Luca and Frannie that way. I loved getting into both of their heads. It was pretty great.

Like I said, there is so much funny in here. My husband kept asking him why I was cackling, and then I’d have to explain green ketchup, the big winner, or Dr. Death.


I damned near laughed myself into an asthma attack during Chandler’s POV chapter. It was so perfectly funny.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out. Happy reading!

Addison Cain-Cathedral

You all know that I am sooo down for any Addison Cain book, right? I mean, jump on it up and down with both feet kind of down for it. So, when I heard that she was coming out with Cathedral, I may have squee’d, just a little bit. In a totally dignified manner, of course. This book is the extended version of story that showed up in the anthology, Bite Me, which is now no longer available.

This is the story of Jade and Malcolm. Jade is the daughter of Darius, the ancient King of Vampires in the Americas. He’s not a nice guy. In fact, he fucks with Jade’s memory on the regular, he tortures her, he says that she needs to be seeded every day so that she can get pregnant and give him a grandchild. Jade is sure that he killed her mother. For Darius, Jade is nothing more than a tool. The only thing he wants from her is grandchildren, grandchildren who will also be daywalkers, and he will also be able to use to control things, just like he uses Jade.

Malcolm is another old vampire. How old? Well, he was a Pict. The Picts were a tribe in Scotland who scared the fuck out the invading Romans. Ever hear of Hadrian’s Wall? The one that the Romans built to keep the northern barbarians out of their conquered land and the one that the Romans said it was death to go north of? Yeah, totally because of the Picts. So, when I say that Malcolm is an old vampire warrior, believe me.

Malcolm has spent every second of every day since Jade was born watching out for her. Darius put her in Malcolm’s arms, pretty much fresh from the uterus. He was banned from courting Jade, but he’s not really let that stop him. He’s done everything he can while still flying under the radar and just brushing up against the line.

Oh my, oh my, oh my. This was a serious wow. I fell in love with Jade and Malcolm way back when we first met them and I couldn’t wait to get to know them more. And I really, really, really, want more of them. Jade is in that absolutely bugfuck crazy heroine category that I like. There’s that whole fragile, vulnerable, strong, powerful, sexy vibe that Jade has. There aren’t a lot of authors who can do that really well, but it’s something that Addison seems to specialize in. Her heroines walk that really fine line, very carefully. One inch too far one way or the other, and the heroines just don’t work, and Jade works.

I was fascinated by Malcolm. At first, I thought that he might just be a typical protective, strong, dominant kind of male character, but he really isn’t. I mean, yeah, he’s that, but there’s more to him too, I think. There’s something more to him. I feel like he has a different goal, more than just to have Jade. I mean, yeah, there is that goal too, but it’s a different way, I think. There’s just a whole different feel. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it, but I feel it.

I need so much more in this world, and I am pretty sure that I know that if we were to ask if and when there would be another one, the answer would be sooooooon. So, I will be sitting and waiting to see what happens.


I want to know what’s up with V. And I’m assuming that the woman he was with was Pearl. I guess I’ll just have to wait, patiently, to see what happens next.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Addison took it wide, so you can find it anywhere you buy your favorite ebooks. So, go check it out. Happy reading!


Golden Angel-Venus Aspiring Re-Release!

Check out Venus Aspiring by Golden Angel TODAY!!

ONE-CLICK NOW → https://amzn.to/3728RJc
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#venusrisingseries #venusaspiring #eroticromance #steamyreads #rerelease #newedition #nowavailable


After graduating from The Venus School and returning to reality, Jessica learns that both Justin and Chris deceived her while she was studying her every fantasy with them. Though the betrayal does nothing to quell her equal desires for each man, now she can’t be sure if either man she fell for was even real.

And even though both men are willing to fight for Jessica in an effort to earn her trust once more, she’s not ready to choose one over the other, and she’s certainly not prepared to navigate a relationship with both of them. After all, what would people think?

Editor’s note: Venus Aspiring is a high-heat romantic adventure that contains elements of MF, MFM, and other extremely mature themes. It is book two in the Venus Rising series and is intended to be read and enjoyed after Venus School. Proceed with caution!

About Angel

Angel is a self-described bibliophile with a “kinky” bent who loves to write stories for the characters in her head. If she didn’t get them out, she’s pretty sure she’d go just a little crazy.

She is happily married, old enough to know better but still too young to care, and a big fan of happily-ever-afters, strong heroes and heroines, and sizzling chemistry.

She believes the world is a better place when there’s a little magic in it.

Find Angel Online!
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