Measha Stone-Indebted Heart

Indebted Heart is the 3rd book in Measha’s Windy City series. This is a series that centers around a friend group. So far, we’ve seen Kelly pair off with Kendrick and Jessica pair off with Royce. Now it’s Alex’s turn.

Alex is kind of the big brother of everyone in the group. He’s good friends with Jessica, Kelly, and Erin, and now their significant others. He wanted to have a little bit more with Jessica, but she wasn’t having it. He is in advertising and hates it. He is also part owner of kink club, called Top Floor. None of his friends know about it, well, except for Kendrick, who runs security for it, but he’s not telling anyone. So, he’s working 2 jobs, and living 2 lives. Then there’s his dad, Paul. He and his dad are really close, and his dad has been sick. But Paul also wants Alex to do a favor for him. He wants Alex to show around Alyssa, who he says is a daughter of a friend, who has always lived in a small town, but is now moving to Chicago.

Then there’s Alyssa. Sure, she’s lived in a relatively small town near St. Louis, but she’s not sheltered. She’s had to take care of herself for a long time, and among other things, she’s found out that she’s a sub. Her first Dom, and current friend, knows this guy named Bradley who owns and manages a kink club called Top Floor, and he arranges an interview with Alyssa to be a waitress. While she’s there interviewing, a guy rushes into the interview, and then ends up leaving.

When it’s time for Alyssa and Alex to meet, it turns out that they met at the interview. Because of course they did.

I like Alex, most of the time. I do think that there are times he’s a little hypocritical, in a do as I say and not as I do kind of way. Alyssa does call him on it, which good for her. But again, he kind of tells her that it’s OK for him but it’s not for her. See, hypocrite. There were reasons why Alyssa made the choices that she did.

Alyssa is seriously independent. She’s had to be over the years. That independence is both good and bad. She’s also stubborn AF, which is also good and bad. When you combine them, you get a woman who has to fight, no matter what. The thing is, she fights even when she knows that she shouldn’t be. Fighting is just her default. When that is your default, it’s really hard to get past it. And it’s been her default for most of her life. Alyssa was doing some hard things, and she felt that she had very good reasons to do what she did. I don’t agree with her reasons, but they were really important to her, and I can understand why she made those choices.

I love Paul, Alex’s dad. He is a good man. He’s a good man who has made mistakes, but who hasn’t? He owned his mistakes and he did what he could to make things better. To me, that is a really good man. A better man than someone who has never made any mistakes or who has never owned up to them. I think that Alex could do a whole lot worse than to grow up like his dad.

I can’t wait to see what happens with Erin. I’m betting her story is next.


Stephen. Ugh. What a slimy bastard.

The partners in the club are jerkoffs.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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