Tabitha Black-Primal Mate

Tabitha has come out with the second book in her Alphas of Sandor series, Primal Mate. It’s an Omegaverse book, and is on the lighter side of the spectrum. It’s also a huge honor for me, because Tabitha named her after yours truly. I mean, how awesome is that? I told my mom about it, and she was like, yay? She wasn’t sure if she should be happy for me or not. Definitely happy. Very definitely. I was walking on Cloud 10 for days. My husband laughed at me. Oh well. It’s a great story and I am just so honored that Tabitha took me and put me in her book.

So, Clara is an Omega. Her father is a powerful man in the city, and she has been living as an Alpha. Her father doesn’t know that she’s an Omega, she and her mother hid it. So, for the last several years, she’s been taking suppressants and pretending to be an Alpha. She’s done all kinds of practicing on everything from how she looks at people to how she walks, that it’s all second nature and so that no one will ever doubt her. She even goes to the market nights at the local Omega Facility so that it looks like she’s looking for her perfect Omega mate. Well, one night she goes to the market night, and she certainly finds something. It’s just not what she would expect.

Meanwhile, we have Evander, best friend of Arius, the king of Sandor, and rather cheerful Alpha. He knows Clara, as pretty much everyone in society knows each other, and he sees her at the latest market night. When he talks to her, he notices that he smells something, he smells his mate. So he goes looking for her, only to come back to discover it’s Clara, which makes no kind of sense at all.

Clara is incredibly independent. She works very, very hard to try to please her father, who is a prick. She works really hard at her medical research. She wants to continue to be independent and continue her work, which she really loves. She wants nothing to do with being an Omega. It’s not who she is, it’s not what she is, and she is kind of resentful about being one, not that she can really control her dynamic that way. So she is not necessarily all that happy with Evander, not at all.

Evander, on the other hand, is pretty thrilled. He has been looking for his mate for years and years. And the fact that Arius has found his in Saskia and is incredibly happy has just shown Evander that it can happen, and he really wants that. So when he finds Clara, he’s just super thrilled, and he totally expects that she will be too.

I really like that Tabitha shows the differences between Clara’s expectations and Evander’s expectations. They both come from the same rung of society, and she’s been living as an Alpha, so she would have roughly the same kind of experiences, but their expectations of what would happen when they found their mate, if they found their mate, if they wanted their mate, were quite different. Really fascinating.

I think that Clara’s father’s name, Neros, is really interesting. I mean, I know about Nero, the emperor of Rome, and the crazy that was him, so I have to wonder if Neros is supposed to hail back to Nero.


I hated Clara’s father from the very first time she talked about him. It sounded like he would just be a total jackass.

Funny thing, in the book, Clara drives a green car. In real life, I have a green car. I don’t know if I had talked about the green car where Tabitha would’ve known about it, because I didn’t have it on a permanent basis until the beginning of this past month. And it’s close to that color green too. It made me laugh when I read that part.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Definitely go read it! Happy reading!

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