Merel Pierce-Yes, Alpha

Oh my dears, have I got an interesting story for you today. It’s Merel Pierce’s latest Omegaverse. It’s a little different than some of the other MF stories I’ve featured before. This one is totally consensual and it’s pretty light. Yes, Alpha is an awesome story and is a good choice for people who are wanting to get into Omegaverse but who aren’t a fan of the darker end of the trope.

So, here’s the way this one goes. Meghan has been dragged into an exclusive club by a friend from work. What Meghan doesn’t know is that it’s a very exclusive BDSM club. She’s pretty sure that she isn’t all that into it, and when some random Alpha grabs her, she tries to get away from him. In walks Daniel. He saves her from the random Alpha by telling him that she’s there as his guest. Then he takes her to watch some of the fun and games at the club, because if she leaves too early, the icky yucky Alpha might catch her. He gives her his number, and then waits for her to get back to him.

This is a super quick read, one I really liked. I like the basic premise of the story. It’s a very interesting view of the O-verse, and one I’m looking forward to seeing more of. Since this was the first in the series, I think we will definitely see more. I think that it will probably be Meghan and Daniel, at least I hope so.

OK, that’s all for today. No spoilers today, because it’s so short. Go check it out! Happy reading!


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