Leann Ryans-In the Darkness & In the Light

I’m coming to you from my blogging lair deep in the Maine woods, also known as my bedroom. Still deep in the Maine woods. Flocks of turkeys wander by, and a moose has been known to show up once or twice. My move is finished, and now I’m in the unpacking stage. I almost think that’s the hardest part. Anyway, now that it’s over with, I can finally catch up on all the wonderful books I’ve been reading and needing to blog. Today, we have a duet from Leann Ryans, In the Darkness and In the Light.

Since it’s a Leann Ryans duet, you know that it’s an Omegaverse story. It’s on the darker side of her stories. Leann generally writes on the lighter end and this ain’t that.

This is our story. It starts with an Omega, Cara. Her mother has sold her to 4 Alphas, who have since kept her locked away in a dark room, chained up, and naked. She’s there to meet all their needs. ALLLLLL their needs. She doesn’t know their names. She barely even knows what they look like. She only knows them by their scents, Pine, Grass, Water, and Cinnamon. Each of them wants something in particular, and the longer she’s there, the more she knows what they want, and she does what she can to make them happy. The happier they are, the better her life is. Although it doesn’t seem like she could ever make Pine happy.

Things happen, and then there’s a cliffhanger. That’s not a spoiler, since Leann has put it in the blurb of the book. And as it’s a duet, it’s pretty much to be expected. But the second book is out right now, so it’s all good.

The second part of the book is a bit lighter than the first part, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have some serious problems in it, because they do. It’s just lighter in tone.

No spoilers today, darlings. Go check out this duet! Happy reading!




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