Leann Ryans-Hired to Protect

Leann has just come out with her newest Omegaverse story, Hired to Protect. This is the second book in the Hired series. It can totally be read as a standalone. The couple from the first book is mentioned, but they don’t make an appearance, so if you didn’t read it, you aren’t going to be lost.

So, here’s the story, Penny is our plucky Omega heroine. She has an asshole ex who has been stalking her. He’s a Beta, but he thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, when really he’s none of that with a tiny dick. That doesn’t stop him from trying to act like an Alpha and trying to possess Penny, even though she has told him no, broken up with him, and moved. He found her and tried to kidnap her, which prompted her to go to the Force, AKA the cops, who were less than helpful, and suggested she get a bodyguard, so to The Haven she went.

Ethan is the Alpha in charge of security at The Haven. When he gets into the director’s office, he sees this beautiful young woman, who makes him feel things. When he finds out that she needs a bodyguard, he knows it has to be him, but he can’t make it look too  much like he’s trying to be the only person he puts forward, so he’s very careful to show his reasoning as to why he should be her bodyguard, which works, but I’m here to tell you, he didn’t fool the director one bitty bit. LOL.

So, I still really like the way that Leann put together this world. It’s kind of reversed to how it usually is, because as the Alphas are locked away because they are “dangerous”. In fact, for an Alpha to be out in the world, he has to be bonded to someone with documentation, or the person he is with has to have a permit to have the Alpha with them. How horrible would it be to live like that? As soon as you present as an Alpha, you are pulled away from your family, locked in a camp, given very few choices, and are never free again. That’s just terrible.

And even though it’s an O-verse book, it’s very realistic in some things. Like when the police basically do sweet fuckall when it comes to Penelope and her stalker. I totally understand all the thinking behind the cops and stalkers/domestic violence, but it makes me mad because something really bad has to happen before anything can happen. That’s made really clear in this book. Honestly, Penny was lucky that she could get Ethan to help her. Who knows what would happen if she hadn’t been able to.

While you are reading this, see if you can find the names of the books that Penny happens to have in her house. I LOLed when I saw them, because, well yeah. I love Easter eggs like that. I have to admit to having a particular fondness for the diner owner’s name too. Yay!


I love the director at The Haven. She is definitely on the side of angels, I think.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check out all of Leann’s books! Happy reading!

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