Renee Rose-Alpha Bully

Alpha Bully is the first in a spinoff series from the Alpha world that Renee and Lee Savino created. Now, this is a bully romance, as evidenced in the title. Now, as I understand it, bully romances are basically high school/NA kinda things. I would really also think of them as an enemies to lovers kinda deal. I might be wrong when it comes to that part, I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s close enough, really, at least for this particular setting.

The story takes place in Wolf Ridge, Arizona. If you notice the name, you will get a really good idea as to who the majority population of the town is. Basically, it’s about 80% shifter. We’ve met the Alpha of the town/pack before. He is Garrett’s dad from Phoenix. He’s not a huge presence in this one, but we do see him. Anyway, the pack runs a brewery, and it’s an important part of the pack. Which is why, when there were problems, Cole’s dad got fired, because he was falling down on the job. That’s when Bailey’s mom got hired into his place. Cole’s dad is now a drunk who beats on his kids. So, Bailey is automatically the enemy, no matter what. It’s not like she or her mom made any mistakes here, but whatever.

So, now we have Bailey who is going to the high school in Wolf Ridge, even though she should probably go to another school because of their pre-college program, but doesn’t for reasons. She is completely iced out, because Cole, who is pretty much the star of the football team and is pretty alpha himself, has told everyone in the school to not be her friend. She is completely ignored at best and made fun of and pestered at worse. She has one friend, Rayne, who isn’t in a much better state than Bailey is, for other reasons. But then things happen, and Bailey’s allies change. Sort of.

I got mad at Cole, because really, like I said, nothing was Bailey or her mother’s fault. His dad was the one who fucked up, and is the fuck up. Of course, I remember when I was 18 and everything was so hugely dramatic and the feelings and the hormones and all that. And of course, being in a place where his father is treating him the way that he does, it’s not at all surprising that he blames Bailey and her mom. They are easier targets to be mad at than his dad.

I admire Bailey and how strong she is. She is really resilient and is able to do things that I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to do at 18.  It took a huge pair of ovaries, and she should really be proud of herself for doing it.

I’m looking forward to seeing where Renee is going to go with the series, because I think that seeing a new generation is going to be exciting.


That damn teacher. He should burn in fucking hell.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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