Leann Ryans-Raider’s Bounty

This was supposed to show up last week, but I ended up having to drive down to Boston on Saturday as well as Friday, and yesterday I couldn’t stand looking at my computer at allllll. But, that’s over and done with, and I can get back to the fun stuff, like telling you all about Leann Ryan’s latest, Raider’s Bounty. It is, of course, another Omegaverse, and it is a relatively light one. I can see where Leann tried to go dark with it, and I can see where a different decision or two would’ve made it darker, but with all that said, dark isn’t Leann’s wheelhouse. She does this level of lighter stuff really well. It’s not all light and fluff or anything, and it works really well. Trying to force this one to be dark would’ve ruined what was a pretty good story. I just can’t really see where Lyric and Raider would’ve ended up otherwise.

So, here’s how our story goes. We enter to Lyric running away from a raid on her village. It’s in the middle of winter, and pretty much everyone she knows is dead and the village is on fire. She’s trying to get away so that she can get help and so she isn’t captured by the raiders. As she’s trying to cross a river to hide her scent, she ends up washed downstream, right past her village and a shit ton of dead bodies floating in the river. The next thing she knows, she has an arrow through her shoulder and she’s being towed to the shore.

Raider is the head of his village and the head of this raiding party. He has a really good reason to raid Lyric’s village. When he sees her floating down the river, he knows that he has to do something about it, and the only way that he can save her is to shoot her in the shoulder and tow her in. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but… He takes her to his tent and decides that he’s going to claim this little Omega for his very own.

I think that he and Lyric are a really good match. Raider seems like he could be a real hardass, but as you read, you realize that he really isn’t. He has a good reason behind each and every action that he takes, and they are actually pretty thoughtful reasons. You can tell just how much work and through he has put into everything he does.

Lyric has a really quiet kind of strength, I think. We don’t see her acting out a lot or being loud, except when she finds it to be really important. She’s definitely not a pushover, she’s got that spine, she just uses it really well, I think.

I really like Lyric and Raider, and I hope that they have a full, wonderful life together, with lots of happy fat babies.


I really like the way that Raider handles the Omegas. It wasn’t anything that I expected, but, looking back, I should’ve because it fit in with the rest of Raider’s behavior.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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