Sinistre Ange-Forbidden Fantasy House

Sinistre Ange, who is Golden Angel’s darker counterpart, has rereleased her book Forbidden Fantasy House.

This was a pretty quick read, and pretty dirty too. Well, more than just pretty dirty. It’s downright filthy.  But that’s not all that this book is. There’s more to it too, but we’ll get there.

So, Elena and Lance are in a relationship. He’s a Dom, she’s a sub. But she’s a new sub, and Lance has been pretty careful with her. He checks in with her, makes sure that she’s OK with whatever he’s doing, and makes sure not to push her too far. He always listens to her say no or call red. You know, all the things that a good Dom is supposed to do, especially when they are working with someone new.

The problem is, Elena isn’t happy. She’s turning Lance down every time he wants to do anything the teeniest tiniest bit kinky. I mean, it could just be kink-adjacent, and she would be turning him down. Lance is frustrated because he has no clue what’s going on. When he tries to ask, he gets no information from Elena. Elena’s frustrated because she’s not getting what she wants. When it all blows up, they break up.

Then Elena decides that she wants to find out what she was missing, so she heads to the Forbidden Fantasy House so that she can craft a fantasy that will work for her.

I like Lance. He does do what he can to make sure that Elena is OK with everything. And I get consent and checking with your partner is a good thing, but I thought maybe he was a little wishy-washy sometimes. Maybe. I really went back and forth on that. Maybe I’m wishy-washy, lol. I could see where he’s coming from though. He wants to make sure that someone new is learning how fun BDSM can be, not turn her off by just running roughshod over her.

Elena annoyed me though. She knew what she wanted, but she never told Lance. He was just somehow magically know what she wanted, just by somehow reading her mind. That bothers me on a personal level. I want people to tell me what they want or need from me. I can’t guess what they need. I can’t read their minds. So, some of my feelings about that rolled over on to Elena. I don’t dislike her or anything, she just annoyed me. Did that ruin the book for me? Fuck no.


Sorry, nothing down here.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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