Vanessa Vale-Their Reckless Bride

Vanessa takes us back in time and back to Bridgewater in Their Reckless Bride. This time we are going to play cowboys and robbers, and it is a lot sexier than it might sound.

So, Grace’s family are kinda jackasses. No, wait, no kinda about it. They are straight up assholes. Her dad and brother are nasty jerks who treat her like some kind of household servant, minus the pay. They are also bank robbers, who have just pulled off another heist. But that was only after her father handed her over to a man he owed money to. Grace, who is pretty much currently my hero, kicked the guy in the nuts, grabbed a gun, and started tracking down her father and her brother for some sweet, sweet revenge. And good for Charlie and Hank, she had some perfect timing.

Hank is the local sheriff in Simms, where the bank was just robbed. His friend and partner is Charlie, a copper baron, who had a buttload of money in the bank. They are going track down the notorious Grove gang and take them to justice. Only there’s one problem with that. They are being held at gunpoint by two members of that gang, who are planning on shooting them and leaving them for the buzzards. That is, until the gang members get shot, not fatally, but enough to keep them from causing any more trouble. Charlie and Hank see someone who appears to be a young man standing on top of a bluff. They are pretty sure that the person is the one who just saved their lives, so they go to chase after them, and discover that it’s a woman.

Grace is fierce, feisty, sassy, loyal, smart, protective, and loving. She’s also completely unsure as to why Charlie and Hank might have claimed her and decided to marry her. After all, she’s not all that ladylike, having never owned a dress, let alone ever worn one, because surely these gorgeous men don’t want her, especially after she sees all the other women at Bridgewater. It can be hard to get rid of years of being mistreated. And then there is the whole fact that she’s a Grove, and Hank is a lawman, and their families have history, and not the good kind of history.

Hank and Charlie are pretty good guys, but there are a couple of times that I wanted to smack them, because they should’ve listened before they acted. But, there’s no story in that, is there? I think that they are pretty good with Grace, overall. They also pay a lot of attention to her and see her in a way that other people don’t, and are more than willing to demonstrate that fact.

I think they make a very good throuple, and are all very good for each other.


The shootout is everything. I loved it a whole lot. Totally perfect.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


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