K Webster & Ker Dukey-Daddy Me

Even though Daddy Me is a story coming from the great minds of K and Ker, it isn’t a dark romance, which they both do so well. Instead, this is just a quick and dirty story that won’t take you very long to read and it will make you happy when you are finished.

Sofina is a very talented singer. The problem is that her asshole brother doesn’t think so, at least not really. He does everything he can to squash her dream so that she will stay working in the family bar. He will let her sing for a few minutes at the open mic night, but that’s all. But that’s enough for a record exec to hear her, record her, and show that recording to his brother, who is the head of their label.

The second Ronan hears Sofina singing, he knows that she’s a rare talent that he needs to sign. So, he shows up the bar, just in time for him to hear her brother be a total asshole to her. But everything changes the next day.

While this story may just look like a short and filthy story, it is really more than that. At it’s hard, this is a story about love and dreams and what it takes to get those things and making dreams happening.

I like Sofina, I also feel really sorry for her, since she’s trapped in with her brother, who doesn’t really want to let her do anything at all. He treats her like she’s an employee, not like she’s his little sister. She hides behind anything she can, mostly because of the way her brother treats her, I think.

Ronan is a steadfast kind of guy, which is what makes him such a good Daddy, I think. He’s not going to bend or break, no matter what. I think he is really good for Sofina, on so many different levels.

Yeah, I know that this is a short one, but it’s a pretty short book. There aren’t any spoilers either. So, go check it out and happy reading!


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