Happy 2nd Birthday!

6 July is the 2nd birthday of In Between the Pages! Back when I first started, I didn’t think that anyone would read it and that authors would email me and tell me to stop reviewing their books. I still have a massive imposter syndrome going on, but I now tell people that I’m a book blogger. I may, at some point, even make up cards that say that and give the link. I have many loyal readers, and have authors who specifically ask me to review their books. I get so many compliments from the authors who I review, which always makes me happy.

I love what I do. I’d be reading these books anyway, so being able to share them is just icing on the cake, and for me, one of the biggest compliments I will ever get is when I have someone tell me that they went and read a book because they read my blog, and it’s even better when they tell me that they don’t normally read a particular genre. I got back and read those comments on days I’m having a hard time. That’s how good they make me feel.

Anyway, on Saturday, 6 July, I’m having a party in my group, Slip In Between the Pages, from 10-6 EST. I’ll be giving stuff away, as will a whole slew of authors. There’s going to be ebooks, gift cards, massive swag packs, and signed books, among other things. So, you know you want to come so that you have a chance to win fabulous prizes!



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