Jessie Cooke-Jace

Jessie Cooke started out with one MC series, and now she’s on to the 3rd series that relates to the first one. First one started in Boston, then it spunoff into Cali, and now we’re in Phoenix. Jace is technically the 2nd book of the Phoenix Skulls series, but I’m not entirely sure I would put it in that space. I would almost think of it as a prologue. Maybe that’s just me, but it works that way, if you ask me.

Jace as the male main male character in Beck, the last book in the Westside Skulls book, and he and Beck were featured in the first book of the Phoenix books. However, Jessie focused more on Beck in her book than she did on Jace, so we don’t have so much info on Jace. I personally loved the way that she handled Beck’s book, and I really loved the book. I thought that Jace and Beck were pretty much perfect together. The first book in the Phoenix Skulls series is talking about getting settled there, and it more sets the stage to move the story along than it talks about Jace himself. So, now we have his book.

Jace’s book starts way back when he’s a child and covers his life right up to when he becomes the Prez of the Phoenix Skulls. Because it covers so much time, we don’t see what happens to him day by day, year by year, but we get to see the highlights and lowlights of what happened to him and what formed baby Jace into the Jace we know and love.

From Beck, we know that Jae has a sister and that he dearly loves Rosie, and we get to learn so much more about her and about the relationship between Rosie and Jace. And I have to say that I love that relationship so very, very much.

I liked Jace back when I first met him in Beck. I thought that he wasn’t the “typical” biker, or at least what you might think that bikers are like. He is fairly shy, hides away from people, and doesn’t have a lot of confidence. There are so many reasons for this, and he has internalized all of those things, which makes me so sad, because I think that Jace is just a wonderful person, and one who deserves all the good things ever.

I’m looking forward to the next books in this series, as well as the spinoff coming soon.


I love Jace’s run in with his teacher once he’s grown up, I thought that it was just like a perfect circle.

I really, really hate his dad from the very second we meet him.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go check out all these books. Happy reading!

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