Skye Warren-Concerto

Concerto is the second book in Liam and Samantha’s story. I don’t think that I would call this is a cliffhanger, but it isn’t really an HEA either. Maybe a cliffhanger-lite HFN. Either way, I think that the story of the book is brought to a finish, but not the overall story that is Liam and Samantha.

So, we’re in Tanglewood, because of course we are, can’t be a Skye Warren book otherwise, getting ready for Samantha’s big tour. Liam has ordered his brother to go with her for security, while he tracks down who is behind a threat to Samantha. He’s also beating the shit out of himself because he has a major guilt complex for so many, many reasons. But, this time, it’s because he and Samantha have had sex and he loves her and has loved her for forever. Since he’s found out that the threat is in the same town as her, he has to be there.

Samantha is trying to get into the swing of things being out and mostly on her own-ish for the first time ever. She’s really still that same little girl as she’s always been when she starts out. Right now, the thing that she’s most excited about is that she gets to perform in the Grande, owned by Candy and Ivan, and she gets to see her best friend, Beatrix and Hugo, and their precious little girl. Samantha is getting to know more people, like Harry March, who is the big name singer on the tour, as well as all her other tourmates. I like Harry March, but not all the time. Samantha is torn over Liam, since she’s loved him since she was 12, and after she turned 18, it changed into something so much more powerful. It’s ripping her apart trying to figure out what she wants and what he wants.

I loved the push and pull between Liam and Samantha. There is so much tension and passion there. It’s so strong and so compelling. I honestly didn’t know who to cheer for or what outcome I wanted to have happen. It’s a really Skye Warren kind of thing, if you ask me. It’s a lot of fun to read, in my opinion. I like being kept a little off balance like that. I also like the visceral feelings that the books evoke in me. That tension and tug-of-war really pulled at me and made me even more invested in Samantha and Liam and their story.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the story. Hopefully Skye won’t leave us hanging for too long.


My heart jumped into my throat when Harry missed. And I got so mad at the exec taking it out on Samantha, since it was totally not her fault at all.

OK, that’s all on this one. Go check it out. Happy reading!

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