Lilly Atlas-Rocket

When I pick up an MC book, I expect to get something that is intense and keeps me riveted. Well, Lilly Atlas didn’t fail to deliver in Rocket. It was intense and kept me sucked in from start to finish.

I will give this one bit of warning. There is some violence in the prologue that may trigger people. It isn’t graphic, but it is obvious what happened.

Chloe was victimized by some really bad guys. The last thing that they told her was that she had the Hell’s Handlers to blame for his. They are an MC in her area. When she’s rescued, she vows to herself that she will stay far away from them and from the town where they are based. Meanwhile, she’s managed to make herself leave her house, at least on Friday and Saturday nights, when she goes out to practice her own form of therapy.

Rocket, the Sargent at Arms of the Hell’s Handlers, was the one who went in to rescue Chloe. She was supposed to be left in a hotel room, unharmed, but we all know that’s not what happened, right? Because how easy a story would that be? He was so impressed with the fortitude that Chloe showed, that he has now become very protective of her, right down to watching over her and following her on the weekend, to try to figure out what she’s doing.

I, just like Rocket, was totally impressed with Chloe. Here she is, on the very worst day of her entire life ever, and she was able to pull herself up, get dressed, get on the back of a motorcycle, and then go to the hospital. Not only that, she was also able to come up with some kind of story to tell everyone that wouldn’t get the police involved with the Hell’s Handlers or the scumbuckets who took her. I was less than impressed with the fact that she was left trying to deal with the mess herself, but that was in no way her fault. She did the best that she could with what she was given, and it sucked rocks. I’m not sure that I would’ve handled the aftermath in the same way that she did, but to each their own. I’m also not sure that I am nearly as strong as she is, and don’t get me wrong, there is a rod of vibranium that runs down her spine, girl is strong as fuck.

I like Rocket too. He has a really strong protective streak, and when I say streak, I mean a stripe that is wider than his whole body is. He will do every and any thing to make sure that he takes care of the people who he considers his, his club, their ol’ ladies, and most especially Chloe. He’ll do those things at the risk of his own soul, if necessary. He is truly a very good man, even if he’s done some shitty, shitty things. He has his own moral code that he will stick to. All that being said, I did get really mad at him a couple of times. I understand why he acted the way that he did, but that doesn’t mean that I think that he was wrong or that I am automatically going to forgive him for the bullshit he pulled. He deserved to have people angry at him. I was really impressed with how patient he was with Chloe. He never really pushed her, except for one time, and that’s forgivable because he didn’t have the full knowledge of the situation at that time.

I really liked this club and all the members in it, and I think, especially, the ol’ ladies. They could’ve made Chloe’s life miserable, but instead, they all rallied around her and made her feel accepted. I’m going to have to go read the rest of the books so that I can get to know these ladies more.


I love how Izzy and Jig take Chloe and teach her how to fight. I really love how she uses it against Rocket when she gets mad at him. I cheered right out loud for her when she used it against Lefty. I was all like, take that, you fucking motherfucker.

I have a feeling that we might see Chloe’s brother again. I may be wrong, it does happen, on occasion, I’ll just have to keep my eyes open to see.

That’s all I have to say on this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “Lilly Atlas-Rocket”

      1. I’ve got Zack on my TBR. I read the series out of order and Jigsaw spoiled me for all that followed because I loved Izzy so much. 😂


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