Ava Sinclair-Operation Daddy

Ava has a new Daddy for us, and this time we are going to go play cops and robbers. Operation Daddy is Ramsey and Mia’s story. And it made me all verklempt.

Mia is a competent police officer who has worked undercover ops and helped take down pedophiles. She was able to do that because while she may be 30, she looks around 16. And while she may hate being carded when she goes out to buy ciggies, it’s going to help out on the latest case. She’s going to go back to high school. And she’s going to work with Ramsey, who is a total rock star.

Ramsey is part of the state’s police force, which is not the force that Mia works for. He is pretty much the bestest undercover agent ever. So when he gets called in for the job, he looks at the available talent pool, and chooses Mia. She’s pretty excited about it. Then she finds out that he’s going to be her dad. Which wouldn’t be a huge problem, except he wants her to call him Daddy all the time, and Mia isn’t going to be doing that at all, thankyouverymuch.

The whole reason that they are going undercover is that there is a huge drug ring that has infiltrated a local high school, since they don’t have Johnny Depp and the cast of 21 Jump Street right to hand, they need another cop who can pass as a teenager. Thus, Mia. She and Ramsey are going to get into the area and see what they can see.

I like Mia, was annoyed by her at times, felt sad for her, was angry for her, and respected her. I know, that’s an awful lot of feelz to have for one character in a relatively short read, but there you go. I totally understand the whole feeling alone I have to do everything thing and the taking the weight of the world on your shoulders thing. Her history has set her up for that feeling, and as our personality develops as we are young, we learn coping skills, and they might not be the, you know, healthiest of coping skills, which is what Mia has done. Her coping skills include rebelling, resisting authority, shutting down her feelings, and doing everything herself. Like I said, not the healthiest, but you learn what you have to do to survive. So when Ramsey is nice to her and starts taking care of her, it both makes her feel better and disconcerts her.

I think that Ramsey is a good man, most of the time. He makes one huge, colossal mistake that made me really mad at him.


I got mad that Ramsey appeared to not go after her, especially since he realized that he realized he done fucked up. I mean, he had to know that he really, really hurt Mia, and he should’ve guessed how she would handle it.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!


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