Carolyn Faulkner-Correct Me If I’m Wrong Excerpt


Title: Correct Me If I’m Wrong

Author: Carolyn Faulkner

Publisher: Blushing Books

Release Date: 4/25/19
Price: $3.99

Genre: Contemporary Western


Tawny is lost without her husband. They had been incredibly close – he was her best friend, her lover, and her Dom – and without him, she feels adrift. She finds herself spending more and more time alone, even to the point of cancelling a trip to New Mexico to see her best friend and her brother, who was her husband’s brother from another mother.

Her friend is nothing but understanding about Tawny’s cancellation.

But her friend’s brother, Cesare, is most certainly not… to the extent that he shows up, unexpected and, frankly, unwanted, on Tawny’s doorstep, determined to take her back home with him.

And Chez is more than a force to be reckoned with.

But Tawny is determined not to knuckle under to him – although he knows more about her than she thought, and he isn’t at all afraid to use that knowledge to get her to do what he wants her to do.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.


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This time, she had a better idea of what to do for him, so she was able to calm those muscles down much more quickly and surely, although she could feel that they were going much further up than just his thigh in the back—sometimes the spasms went all the way into his buttocks and hip, maybe even the small of his back, she guessed.

“I—” she began, and he sat up a bit, although she hadn’t wanted to disturb him. He was quite tranquil and looked as if he was in much less pain, which was something she took great pride in. She could feel her face heating up as she suggested, “I—well—uh, it looks to me like there’s some spasms I can’t get to because of your shorts and underwear. I’d be glad to massage you there, too, if you’d be comfortable with taking them off. Maybe you could put the afghan that’s on the back of the couch over you like I did with the sheet the last time?” She was terribly worried she sounded forward, as if she was trying to cop a feel or something.

But he didn’t seem to have any such qualms. “That would be wonderful, if I’m not imposing on you too much.” Chez hesitated, seeking the truth in her eyes.

“Of course not!”

Tawny got up again, giving him her back until he said, “Okay. I’m decent.”

He’d also moved so that he was on his side, and she could really get to the areas she needed to, and she was again confronted by the incredibly arousing sight of his beautiful butt, as well as the elegantly powerful lines of his broad back.

She was much more distracted by the sight than she wanted to be and had to keep reminding herself that she only needed to touch him to relieve his pain, rather than to take things the several steps further that her hands—and the rest of her—definitely wanted to. She wanted to hear him moan—not because she was relieving his pain, but because she was creating in him an ache of an entirely different sort.

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