Yolanda Olson-Martyris

Martyris is the 3rd of the Cavalieri Della Morte books, and the second one I’m reviewing here. It is dark. It is dazzling. It is disturbing. In short, it’s a very Yolanda book. And that? That is a very, very good thing. It’s also a fairly quick read, but one that left me awake far into the night thinking about it because it just stayed in my head that way.

Because it’s short, my review is going to be short. Also, I don’t want to give anything away. And I think that it would be very easy to give something away if I weren’t very careful. And as I always find it better to err on the side of caution, at least when reviewing, short it is.

This is the story of Gareth, one of the CDM, and his true love, Bentlee, his favorite girl. Gareth likes to see himself as sort of the good guy, but he kills with his hands, instead of a weapon. Well, with metal gloves that he wears, but still, you get the idea. He’s good at what he does, but I don’t think he’s all that happy about that fact, or the fact that he’s doing it.

We only get one POV here, Gareth’s, so we only get to know Bentlee through him, and it is truly obvious how much he loves her and wants to protect her from the world. It is pretty atypical of a book that lives in the MF section of the romance world to be all the male POV, so it’s something that is really exciting to me, and it really gives a kind of intimacy to the book that wouldn’t otherwise exist, I think. I really like Gareth, although it almost seems like I shouldn’t, but there’s just something about him that’s impossible to not like. I like Bentlee and I think that anyone he loves the way that he does would be someone that I would like.


Um… Wow.

OK, go check it out. I don’t know whether or not to wish you happy reading, so I’ll let you decide on your own.

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