Leann Ryans-Saving the Omegas

Leann is back with the second book in her Omegaverse series, and I’m really excited to see Saving the Omegas.

Karn is the hero in this book, and we met him in the last book when he was in the large fight to try to win the Omega. He and Zander became friendly, and then friends. But now, he’s stuck fighting for Largo, because that scaly, reptilian son of a bitch has something over him. But when Largo calls him up to the office, he has a different job for Karn to do. Largo has decided to start trafficking Omegas. Sadly, there is always going to be a market in selling vulnerable people for sex. However, someone has been rescuing Omegas away from Largo’s shipments. It’s happened twice now, once on a planet and once in space. Largo is furious because it’s cutting into his income and he has some pissed off Alphas to try to keep happy. So, he’s going to pay Karn to find out who is stealing his Omegas and bring them to Largo for punishment.

Meanwhile, on another planet, we have Adaria, an Omega. But she isn’t your usual Omega. In fact, she was stolen twice by Largo’s men. The first time she rescued herself. The next time, she gets caught on purpose and rescues several Omegas in space. Now, she’s being pulled in for another rescue attempt. She’s willing to do it, but she wants to have several things set into place to make sure that they can rescue all the Omegas on the ship.

I really like Karn. I liked him when we met him in the last book. He had a sense of humor that kept peeking though. And he was honorable. So it was nice to learn that he hadn’t changed in his own book. I really liked getting to know him a lot more and to see that he’s still as honorable as he was before. He’s also a good man, even when he’s forced to do things he doesn’t want to do by Largo. Who is a scummy scumbag lizard. Did I say that before? But, he’s smart and does what he thinks is best.

Adaria is just marvelous. You tend to think of Omegas as more the damsel in distress and not the distressing damsel in charge of the rescue. That is definitely not Adaria. She’s tricksy, resourceful, smart, and just downright sneaky AF. She’s going to do what she can to make sure that she is safe, as well as anyone under her care. I really love that about her.

I really love this series. It isn’t as dark as some of the other MF Omegaverse books I read, so it’s a great series for people who want Omegaverse but not the darkness that shows up in a lot of MF books. Of course, we all know that I’m way down for the darkness all day, every day, but it’s always nice to have something lighter. Levels, you know. Solid darkness all the time is wearing, even on me, so lighter gives a nice contrast and a new level.


I love the person who bites first bites first. It’s pretty awesome that it’s that person, because it wouldn’t be what you expected.

OK, that’s all I have to say! Go check it out! Happy reading!


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