Dani Rene-Beautifully Brutal

Welcome to the Cavalieri Della Morte. It’s a 13 book series that is set in the same world and all interconnected. Dani Rene’s Beautifully Brutal is the first book in the series, and the rest of the books will be releasing once a week over the next several weeks.

Cavalieri Della Morte is Italian for Knights of Death. Cavalieri comes from the same base as the French chevalier, as well as the words cavalier and cavalry. Chivalry also comes out of cheval. They all have their base in the Old French word cheval, meaning horse. While cavalieri, chevalier, and cavalier all originally meant horseman or horse rider, they all turned into words for knight. Cavalry meant an armed force on horse, and in the military, these days, it has turned into meaning the motorized armored forces. Why yes, I am a bit of a word nerd, and what’s even scarier is that I was able to pull all of this out of my head without having to look it up. I’m a total wiz at Trivial Pursuit.

Anyway, now that we’ve walked away from that tiny digression, let’s talk about the actual book. The Cavalieri Della Morte in this series is a group of men who are basically elite assassins. They get given a name, they go handle the problem. And Lance Knight is probably the best. He’s also the right hand man of the leader of the CDM, Arthur, at least until one fateful mistake.

Lance ended up on the streets of NOLA when he was young, and Arthur took him in and raised him. He also trained Lance to be one of his knights. Then, when Lance was 18, Arthur and his wife had a daughter named Giuliana. Eighteen years later, Lance and Giuliana have fallen in love and are hiding it, right up until her dad walks in on them kissing passionately. Then Giuliana is sent away and Arthur tells Lance that he will make it so that he no longer loves her.

So, I totally hate Arthur. I mean, yeah. Die in fire and burn in hell levels of hate. But I like Lance and Giuliana a lot. Lia is very resourceful and very determined. I mean, she gets herself out of at least one bad situation. She had to be smart enough to bide her time, watch, and pick the perfect time in which to make the move, and she does. I also like that she doesn’t really have any delusions about her father or Lance. She knows that they are both killers.

Lance seems like a character that I might dislike immediately, but oddly enough, I did not. I think that he very much has his own code and will stick to it. It definitely isn’t my code or your code, but it is the one that he has developed and the one that he wants to stick with. But, I definitely like him and the way that he handled everything that came up in the book.

I am not reviewing all the rest of the books in the series, for reasons, but I will be reviewing some of them. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be reading them and that things that I learn in various books won’t show up in reviews for other books. I will, as always, keep the spoilers down, because you know me. I am looking forward to the rest of the series, and there are some really fantastic authors in there. I’m sure they are all fantastic, I just haven’t read some of them yet.


OK, first of all, I’m sure that you notice the name thing, just like I did. And yes, the names are all like that. We see a couple of other Cavalieri, and the naming convention follows along with them too. It’s going to be really interesting, for me at least, I don’t know about the rest of you, to read the rest of the stories and to see how they fit in with everything and if it happens in the way in which I think it might. And yeah, I mean Arthur being betrayed by his right hand man with his beloved female? In the legends, it’s Artie’s wife Guinevere, here it’s Artie’s daughter, Giuliana. See what I mean?

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go find it and read it. Happy reading!


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