Maren Smith-Her Consort

Her Consort is a super short story from the gifted mind of Maren Smith. This story originally appeared in an anthology, so if you read that anthology, you might recognize Piper and Kogan, but revisiting them is perfectly awesome.

Piper is a human salvage operator. She keeps the spaceways clear and open and makes a little bit of money on the side. One day, one of her pieces of space flotsam was a pod with Kogan Pulgoy Vovlov the Third, envoy of his home world Hogluopraeswyria, Consort-in-waiting to Her Royal Ambassador, Agi Oof’Thal, currently assigned to Earth. Only, when Piper picked him up, he wasn’t headed to Earth, he was headed away from Earth. Now, she’s been stuck with him for 2 very long years. They have spent those 2 years on a small ship picking and poking at each other, and doing everything they can do to annoy the living fuck out of each other.

When they run into a ship that needs to be salvaged, it turns into a huge thing in between the two of them. And since they have spent 2 years annoying each other, they really know to keep doing it.

This really is a quickie to read. There is a lot of tension in between Kogan and Piper, and considering there are only 2 characters, the book needs to have that tension. Maren really did well to maintain all that tension between the two of them, no matter what’s happening. There are a lot of levels going on in this story when it comes to the tension between Kogan and Piper. There is also a lot of humor, especially when Piper keeps calling Kogan an asshat, and halfway through, Kogan tells Piper that he realized that it meant that she wanted to wear his genitals on her face. It was fucking hilarious.

I love Maren’s books, and this was no different. It was a lot of fun to read, and I really liked Kogan and Piper.

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