Nicolina Martin-Heat

Nicolina is back with a new book for us. Heat is the first book in a new series, the Russo Saga. This appears that it’s going to fall into the mafia romance trope, but don’t quote me on that, at least not until there is another book out, and we can see for sure. But, let’s not worry about that while we have Nathan and Sydney to talk about.

Nathan has to do not very nice things. He’s spent his life working for his family, which could also be called Family, and he’s been doing assassinations and other things like that for his family for many, many years. I mean, like starting when he was 12. But it’s gotten to the point that he is almost completely dead inside. Each thing he has to do for his family just takes another little sliver of his soul.

Meanwhile, we have Sydney who is a very dedicated hotel employee. She has dreams, and she is going to do anything she can to make them come true. Right now, her life is in a rut. She goes to work, she goes home. She goes to work, she visits her dad. She goes to work, she goes home. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Except, now it’s time for her to go on vacation. She’s leaving her Miami hotel to visit her mom in NYC and then spend a few days in the Dominican Republic.

After visiting her mom, she goes out to a bar with a friend and the guy he is interested in. While she’s standing there, a man comes up to her and tells her that she can leave her shoes on while he fucks her. She shoots him right the fuck down, which good for her. She really should’ve for that, because it was just way too much. But the next morning, when she’s about to get on her plane, guess who shows up? Yup, it’s Nathan, but he’s not stalking her, he’s actually scheduled on the same flight as her, and their flight turns into something very, very enjoyable.

But of course, it’s not that easy. Because why would it be? That would mean no conflict and no conflict makes for a short book. So, of course, we have conflict. However, most of it isn’t from outside, even though that’s there too.

I like Nate. He has this very good and light core that has been shaved down into almost nothingness. He’s been forced to do all these bad things, and it really is that he was forced. He didn’t have a lot of choice when he had to start working. I think that makes him a very good anti-hero. When it comes to being a dark romance hero, I think that he’s a little outside of what you might think of, but it works well. Nate broke the mold, and I’ll be interested in seeing if Nicolina is going to follow up with that in the next books.

Sydney, well hmmm, I mostly like her, but I didn’t really start to get into her until she’s on her way to the DR. We get to see more of her herness at that point, which I don’t think we had seen a lot of before that point. I think that she is sweet, smart, and determined. Like I said, she had a dream that she wanted to make come true. But, all that being said, I think that she was a bit naive. Some things happened that wouldn’t have happened if she had paid more attention to what was going on.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the next books.


OK, I don’t victim blame, or at least, I try to be very aware and try very hard not to, but when the creepy creeper insists on getting Syd her second drink, she should really have been aware that things could happen. I think that she got really lucky at that point too.

That’s all I have to say about this one today. Go check out everything that Nicolina has written. She writes some amazing stories. Happy reading!


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