Ava Sinclair-A Daddy’s Lesson

Once upon a time, Ava threatened to stop writing Daddy books. I’m so glad that she didn’t. I mean, I love everything Ava writes, she’s one of my must-read authors, but there’s just something so good about her Daddy books. And it’s now different when it comes to A Daddy’s Lesson.

Amelia got caught up in a scandal at her uni. She had a professor who tapped into her submissive side and desires. When his wife found their text messages, the prof threw her under the bus, and made it out that she was the predator in the relationship. Amelia’s parents, who are all about the honor of the family name and all that, yell at her about the terrible shame she has brought upon the family. Amelia’s grandmother has summoned her to the familial estate. Since that’s the worst thing that her father can think of to do to her, he sticks her on a train and sends her off to his hated mother.

Elias is the gamekeeper at Lady Falmont’s estate. His family has been living on the estate and been the gamekeepers for several generations. He and Lady Falmont have a special connection. He is very loyal to her and would do just about anything for her. But one day, Lady Falmont summons him to the big house and tells him that her granddaughter will be coming to stay because something happened at her uni. She wants him to take her out and teach her the ways of nature.

There’s a real Red Riding Hood vibe in a lot of this. Of course, it could be because Amelia gets an honest to god red cape with a hood from her grandmother. I think that if anyone were going to eat anyone else up, it would definitely be Lady Falmont. She’s definitely tricksy, that one. She knows many things and appears to be able to read the minds of people. I think that she’s disconcerting. I really like her. I may be more than a little scared of her too. But, you know, in a totally good way.

One of the thing that I really liked about this book is that it feels like it isn’t anchored in time. We know that it’s definitely set in current times because text messages and cell phones, but once Amelia gets to the estate, it’s like she walked into a portal and into its own little world. That really fed into the whole fairy tale vibe too.

I felt so sorry for Amelia because her dad is just such a douche. In fact, I think if you look him up in the dictionary, you are going to see his face as a definition for douche. I mean, he’s just such a nasty fuck. I do feel sorry for her in general too, because she’s just so lost and so desperate for anyone to love her. That’s just such a hard place to be in, and can leave a person with a huge bull’s eye on them. But, I think that she’s also got an iron core down in her somewhere, she just has to find it so that she can use it. I think that she’s going to grow up into a formidable woman.

Elias is a good man. I really like him. He’s really a perfect Da. Calm, patient, loving, caring, solid, and stern when necessary. I love seeing the world through his eyes. He’s a very peaceful character, and I think that he’s perfect for the book. Any other kind of character wouldn’t have worked in this story.

I definitely fell in love with this story and with the characters and loved reading it.

red deer stag

I loved when Amelia stood up to her father. It was impressive, and I was so proud of her being able to do it. I also loved her father’s gobsmacked reaction.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


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