Eva Charles-Delivered

So, Eva Charles is back with Delivered, the second book in The Devil’s Duet. Because of the nature of a duet, there are likely to be spoilers in this one for the first book, Depraved. I will try to avoid them, but it isn’t always possible. You have been warned.


So, we open up to the Gatehouse on fire. Gabrielle was there, in her rooms at the top of the hotel. Her security woke her up since the alarms didn’t go off. She and her security calmly and methodically warned the guests as they worked their way down. Gabrielle was just about to go out, when she saw Georgina’s car there. Georgie was her best friend and assistant, and she shouldn’t have been there. She was hugely pregnant, and Gabby had already been at her hours and told her to stay home that night. She has to go try to rescue her friend, but she gets rescued.

JD has just returned to town after his father’s inauguration just to find out that there are warehouses on fire, and, oh yeah, so is the Gatehouse. He rushes over there to see what’s going on, and starts searching for Gabrielle, and finds her being loaded into an ambulance. He pushes his way into the ambulance and goes with her to the hospital to stay with her, saying he’s her fiance. When Gabby comes to, she is really confused, and she keeps asking for Georgie, who sadly, didn’t make it out.

The first part of this story really tore me apart. I grieved with Gabrielle for losing her home, her livelihood, her dream, her best friend, and her best friend’s baby, on which she had pinned so many dreams all in one fell swoop. I mean, losing any one of those things would be hard, losing any two would be so difficult, but then losing everything would just destroy anyone. Then you add in other things, like secrets, guilt, depression, stress, and everything else that Gabrielle has to deal with, and seriously, the whole first half of the book is just so sad.

JD deals with everything the way that he usually does. He tries to control everything and make everything happen the way he wants. The problem is, you can’t really do that. JD has issues. This book shows more of his backstory, and you get to understand why he is the way that he is. He has to be in control. He has to try to control everything in his environs. That can be part of his personality that would’ve shown up anyway, but it can also be a way to deal with all of the everything that he has had to deal with. It’s hard to know if it’s a nature or nurture kind of thing, because it’s just impossible to see that. I’m leaning toward it being a mix of both things.

We learn so much in this book that puts things that happened in the first book in better context. I kind of look back at certain events and go ahhhhhhh. One thing that I was wrong about was that I thought that maybe Georgie was kind of stalking Gabby because she was so jealous of her, and she would’ve been able to do some of the things that had happened, but nope. I’m wrong. It happens.

We need to talk about the elephant in the room for a little bit. Maybe it’s just that I’m me, but I totally see Trump in the JD’s dad as President. Of course, the fictional one is worse than the real one, so far as we know, but I was like yup, that feels familiar.



Going through Georgie’s journals was just terrible. I was ready to kill the dude, because damn, what a scum sucking pig. My heart hurt.

And then, what happened to Zach? That may have been the thing that I thought was totally the worst, but that’s because of my personal history. My youngest brother had spina bifida and he used a wheelchair. He spent a lot of time in hospitals, and a lot of time in PT, and just the thought of poor Zach made me cry.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check out the duet. Happy reading!


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