Anna Edwards-A Father’s Insistence

A Father’s Insistence is the last book in the Dark Sovereignty series, and damn, did Anna save the best for last. I mean, it’s not like the other two were bad, because they weren’t and they packed a punch, but this one was the TKO. It left with me with all the feelings and all the things to say. But first, let’s talk about the story.

Joanna was one of the women who was presented to Nicolas, but he didn’t choose her, which left her to be sold. She was sold to a terrible man who spent a year breaking her down, raping her, training her, and doing all manner of terrible things. Finally, he tells her that he has a plan. He’s going to marry her to his son, she’s going to give him a son, and he will raise that son to take over the Oakfield Society.

Then there’s Theodore, whose sister Victoria was given to Nicolas and who he ultimately married and her best friend Tamara, who Theodore saw as a little sister, who went and married William, Nicolas’ little brother. His father has told him about the society, generally, and told Theo that Victoria and Tamara are brainwashed and that Nicolas and William are terrible men who are abusing the women. Which, you know, they totally aren’t, but the old Viscount isn’t happy with the way that Nicolas is taking the Society. Theo keeps trying to see his sister and Tamara to whisk them away to safety, even as they tell him that he’s wrong. Then, one night, Theo gets drugged and wakes up in a house where his father shows him a very thin, obviously abused woman, covered in bruises, and says her name is Joanna and that Theo needs to marry her to save her from Nicolas and William.

So, the man who bought Joanna and tortured her for a year is Theo’s dad. He’s fucking twisted, and considering what Nicolas’ dad was like and what the society got up to, that’s saying something. I personally think that he was more evil than the old Duke was. And again, that’s saying something. I mean, not only was he pretty much evil incarnate, I think that he was also more than a little crazy. His cheese done slipped his cracker. I’m sure there is some British-ism that describes the same thing, but I don’t know it. Anyway, cheese and cracker no longer meet. I don’t think they are even in the same postal code anymore.

Joanna is strong AF. I really like her a lot. She’s a survivor, even if she doesn’t think that she is. It’s there though. Just the fact that lasted a year under the crazy man’s rules and came out of it as sane as she did says a whole helluva lot about her. I also like that she questions everything that happens and that she says. She knows what’s right and what’s wrong, and even as she makes the decisions that she does, she knows what she should and shouldn’t do. I understand completely why she does everything that she does because I would totally do the same thing in her situation. I don’t think that anything she may or may not have done at this point can really be held against her by anyone because of what happened to her. Not that I’m excusing her, but you get what I mean.

I really spent a lot of the book pretty sure that Theo is a fucking idiot. And I will stand by that. I will argue with almost anyone about it. He listened to his father a little too much and didn’t use whatever brains he may have been given. When his sister and Tamara were telling him things, he chose to ignore them, and chose to believe what his father said, all evidence to the contrary. I think he must not have thought a whole lot of his sister and Tamara. I mean, I would think that Tamara, at the very least, would be strong enough to be able to get away, if she really wanted to. He really just didn’t give the ladies enough credit, which was stupid on his part, if you ask me. Joanna does help him, so he ought to thank heaven for her for so many reasons.

I cried and yelled at this book. There were some parts that made me so blasted mad, sometimes at Theo and definitely at his father. I love how strong all three of the ladies in this book are, and really admire them for all their strength and gumption.


I loved the epilogue. That was just wonderful. I love the new society and who signed the charter for it.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check out all of Anna’s wonderful books. Happy reading!

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