Addison Cain-A Shot in the Dark

We are back in Addison Cain’s sweet world today with A Shot in the Dark. Don’t get used to it. I’m pretty sure that we have to wait for the next planetary alignment for anything as sweet and light as this duet was. And you know what? I’m perfectly at peace with that. I’ll just read Addison’s dark and twisted stories between now and then. And be tortured by the word Soooooon.

Since this is the second book of a duet, it picks up right where the first one left off. If you haven’t read that one, well, first why not? And second, go read it and then read this one. Be aware that there will probably be spoilers for the first book in here. It’s the nature of the beast and I will try to keep them as mild as possible. Also, if you’ve looked at the series name, A Trick of the Light, and think it looks familiar, well, you’re right. Addison took the book A Trick of the Light, and expanded and broke it down into two books. I like where Addison broke the book up because it always felt like a natural break to me. Every time I read the book, I thought that it really felt like a Book 2 kind of thing, so it really works, in my theoretically humble opinion.

So, Charlie has run away because Eli is an idiot. Personally, I think that she should’ve just busted him in the mouth. God knows Matthew wouldn’t’ve had a problem with it. He might’ve stood in line after her to do it. But, she ran away back to Chicago and off to the Drake Hotel and Radcliffe. But that’s not going to work for Matthew. Nope, he wants her home, because that’s where she belongs. So, off he goes to Chicago, dragging his little lambs behind him, to bring her home. When he does find her at the Drake, Tommy, one of Beau’s boys is there with her, and he punches Tommy smack in the mouth, and walks off with Charlie.

I really like Charlotte. I truly relate to her because I’ve felt like I didn’t fit in sometimes, I think we all have, and finding that one person who could accept us is just amazing. And that’s Matthew for her. Even though she’s found that place and that person, it doesn’t mean that it magically made Charlie fit in. There are a lot of people shoved into Charlotte, depending on where she is, what she’s doing, and who she’s with, and trying to figure out who the true Charlotte is and where she belongs isn’t an easy task, especially when she has people who love her pulling her in a lot of directions. It’s a good thing that Charlie is good and strong, isn’t it? Of course, that doesn’t always make it easier, but nothing has ever been easy for her. I think that’s why she’s so willing to fight when she has to. And she will fight hard for the people she loves, even if they don’t really want her to.

Matthew is a good man. He’s a silent man, he just doesn’t have a lot to say and he’s not going to run his mouth to run his mouth. If Matthew says something, you know it’s important. He is much more of an action kind of person. His love language is making sure that the people he loves are safe and taken care of. Like doing things like going out and buying tea for Charlie and making sure that her favorite tea is supplied to her, or teaching her how to cook, or any of those things. It can make it hard to read him, but I think, overall, it’s something that Charlie does really well. He’s also really, really solid. He’s a rock and he’s going to be there to support everyone he loves and to give them someplace to hang onto. I really like that about him. Everyone needs to have a rock to cling to when things are crazy.

Yes, this is a light and sweet Addison Cain, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lost any of the strong emotion that Addison writes. There is a lot of that, and it will reach out and grab you.

Addison always does really well with worldbuilding, but she’s not creating a world from scratch with this one, but she does really well at catching all the changes that were going on in the world during this time period. I love how she catches the perceived glamor of people like Al Capone while also getting the muck that was the reality.


One of the most epic things I’ve read in a while is Charlie just walking through and killing people as needed, no matter what is going on to either side of her. Seriously, that as just BAMF AF.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go read this, especially if you love historical romance. Happy reading!

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