Leann Ryans-The Omega Prize

One of my great pleasures and honors as a book blogger is to introduce brand new authors to the world. Today, we get to meet Leann Ryans. I first met Leann in an Omegaverse fan group. That group is mostly geared toward MF Omegaverse. For several months, Leann had been writing a MF Omegaverse story and serializing it on Wattpad, but recently, she decided to publish it on Amazon, and I got the chance to read it, yay me! The Omega Prize is her first published book, and I know that she has a sequel in the works, so I’m really excited to be able to share this one with you guys.

Brie is an Omega who is hiding on a space station. She ran away from a bad home situation and stowed away on a ship and ended up on this station where she was rescued by a woman who became her friend. Now, Brie lives on heat suppressants and pretends to be a Beta, and works in a bar that’s frequented by Alphas. Which all works out very well, right up until she starts to run out of her medication.

Zander was in the military and now he runs a mine. He happens to be on station to sell his oar when Brie bumps into him by accident. He’s fascinated by her and eventually finds her working in the bar. On the second night he’s there, a fight breaks out, mostly over her, because some other Alphas are being alphaholes and Zander smashes them.

Of course, that all ends up causing all kinds of problems. Because of course you have to have problems or you don’t have a very good story.

MF Omegaverse books tend to be dark. I’m not exactly sure why, but I can think it has something to do with Addison Cain, who is the doyenne of this particular subgenre. Addison didn’t start it or create it, but she’s the one who pioneered, and we are all glad that she did, yes? And while Leann put some dark elements in here, I don’t think it’s overall as dark as it could’ve been. Of course, there’s always the chance that I’m jaded and a more extreme definition of darkness than others do. And I’m not saying that this isn’t dark, just that it isn’t as dark as some others in this particular subgenre. But, having said all that, it works very well for her. It gives Leann her own voice and lets her put her own footprint down in this world, which is all good.

I like Zander, I really do. I don’t always like Alphas all the time, but I liked Zander throughout the book. He’s strongly protective and very honorable. I think there is also a sweetness about him too, as odd as that might be to say about an Alpha. There’s just something about him that gives that impression, at least to me.

I like Brie. So often you see the Omega hiding as a Beta, but she’s hopelessly naive about the world and that leads to problems with the Alpha. However, Brie seems to know about the world and isn’t as naive as she could be. I like that about her. I think that she’s a very smart young woman and will be a force as she ages.

I’m looking forward to more in this world.


I really like the friendship that Zander strikes up with one of the other competitors, I think that it’s pretty awesome, especially considering the circumstances that they found themselves in.

OK, I really liked this, so go check it out! Happy reading!

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