Golden Angel-Chasing His Polar Bear

I love the Big Bad Bunnies series. I mean, you mix a little Harry Potter, a lot of Monty Python, and some Disney together and put all that in a series about kickass bunny shifters, and what could go wrong? In fact, this series is just so awesomely right. And Chasing His Polar Bear is the perfect addition to this series.

Did you know that polar bears are the largest land predators? Even bigger than Kodiaks. A full grown polar bear can weigh upwards of 1300 lbs. Also, did you know that the offspring of a polar bear/grizzly mix is either called a pizzly or a grolar, depending on which parent is the polar bear? And what exactly does that have to do with anything? Well, we’re talking about polar bears today, so why not toss in some random facts. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Anyway, Eli is a polar bear shifter, and is probably the biggest, baddest, Alpha-iest of all the shifters out there. That’s why he’s the boss. And he’s trying to fight against his twin brother, Aiden, who is leading all the bad guys. Aiden likes to think that he’s so super smart and smarter than everyone, which may or may not be true. One day, Eli walks in to find Sheila with a gun pointed at him.

Sheila and Eli have a few things in common. One, they are both polar bears. Two, they grew up in the same pack. And three, they both want to ruin Aiden’s plans. That’s not all that’s there though. Eli and Sheila were betrothed. When she was finally old enough to marry him, he broke off the engagement and left the pack. That left Sheila and her family in disgrace. But, Sheila was able to pick herself up, dust herself off, and become a total badass.

I love Sheila so hard. I’m not joking when I say that she’s a total badass. She is very in control of herself, and she’s not about to let anyone fuck with her. She knows what she wants, and she’s going to go out and get it, no matter what. She wants a man? Fine, she’ll find one. She wants to destroy Aiden? Fine, she’ll do what she can to destroy Aiden, singlehandedly, if possible. She’d like to enlist Eli and his bunch, because she knows that they can help her, but she’s spent a lot of time working on Aiden and she’ll do what she needs to with or without Eli’s help. She knows what’s at stake and she’ll be damned if it will happen on her watch.

I think that Sheila is very smart. I think she has to be to be a step ahead of Aiden. And she’s very tricksy. You could almost say manipulative, but she’s not really that. I tend to think of manipulative people as people who are trying to get something for themselves, and that’s not what Sheila is doing. And really, what she is doing is for the greater good, so is it manipulative? I think this is one that you are going to have to decide yourself.

Eli has a very strong sense of duty and responsibility. He is a good man, even if he has to sometimes make some really, really shitty decisions and do some bad things. But, I think when it comes to Sheila, he is so far over his head that he can’t even see the surface. He’s working with old data, and that never helps.

I love this series, and when I need something fun with some drama in it, I turn to the Big Bad Bunnies. They are funny, even in the middle of the fights. I’m really looking forward to the next book to see what happens.


I love that Eli didn’t think that Sheila would just stay off in the sidelines and not do anything, but that she was right there in the middle of things when she needed to be. I also love that Aiden was a totally clueless fucking idiot.

OK, that’s all for this one. If you love shifters, you should totally be reading all of the Big Bad Bunny books. Happy reading!

PS, Golden Angel says that her baby totally said you should buy this one.

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