Nikita Slater-Blaire’s World: Luna & Andres

Blaire’s World is a shared world set of 7 books. They are all based in the world that Anita Gray created with her book Blaire, but they can all be read as a standalone. There may be some mild spoilers to Blaire or Blaire 2, but you don’t have to have read those books in order to read the Blaire’s World books. They don’t have to read in any particular order. However, I highly recommend reading the Blaire books, just because I think that they are great books. Six of the books are coming out on 2/26, but Demetrius will be coming out later in the year, for personal reasons.

I’m going to be straight up with you, because you know I always am. Luna & Andres made me cry. A lot. I mean, yeah, really a lot. If you have read both the Blaire books, you might already be familiar with these two, but if you haven’t, you aren’t going to be lost.

Luna is the wife of Andres Dacena, one of the leaders of Los Zetas, a huge cartel. They have two children, Cristo and Sola. And she’s running away from Andres and taking her kids with her. She knows that it’s not a good idea, and that she’s going to end up paying for it, dearly, but she has her reasons. And I have to say, they are compelling ones. Not that I’m going to tell you what they are, because I’m mean and horrible like that.

Andres does a lot of not good and not nice things. But when he comes home to find out that his wife and kids are gone, he totally flips out.

Here’s the thing with these two, they are crazy in love. And they are both a little loco. They are both volatile, in different ways, and they are both passionate. And they love each other with the heat of 1000 white hot suns. But… And there’s always a but in there, isn’t there? Being crazy in love doesn’t always mean that everything is going to go well even if you live in a perfect, happy world. Luna and Andres don’t live in a perfect, happy world. They live in the world of a Mexican cartel. Dark and dirty deeds are done dirt cheap, and Andres has to keep many of his actions secret from Luna. That’s not an easy life, and if you are volatile and impulsive, then it’s an even harder life. Being crazy in love and in love with crazy can add in all kinds of drama, which these two have in spades as well.

This is a beautifully devastating book, really it is, and a very worthy addition to Blaire’s World.

Sun and Moon

I totally hated Andres sometimes in this book. Flat out hated and despised him. There were other times when I didn’t. I’m not sure that I loved him until the end, and even then, not entirely.

Ok, that’s all that I have to say on this one. You know what to do. Happy reading!

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