Loki Renard-Vicious Lies Available Now!






She’ll lose her innocence to one monster to be saved from another.

This city has its claws out for my Kitty.
Keeping her alive is my number one priority.
But she’s not making it easy.

She’s headstrong, spoiled, and sassy, but I’ll do what’s necessary to protect her.
I’ll break her down.
I’ll make her scream.
She’ll beg forgiveness.
And she’ll promise obedience.
But in the end, I know she won’t be able to stop herself from defying me.

When she resists?
That’s when the fun begins.




It’s just as well Loki Renard became an author because other career paths proved disastrous. She was once thrown out of someone’s house for trying to sell them citrus based cleaning product, and her brief brush with corporate life ended when she wrote profiles for her fellow employees likening them to various feral animals then attempted to negotiate the idea of not coming into the office and getting paid anyway. Perhaps if she’d had the dedication to slug herself in the face a la Fight Club, things might have turned out differently.



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