Jessie Cooke-Rise of the Phoenix

Rise of the Phoenix is the first book of Jessie Cooke’s new series, the Phoenix Skulls, which is a spinoff of the Westside Skulls, which is a spinoff of the Southside Skulls. The Phoenix chapter starts with Jace, Beck, and Finn, and then more members start to file in. Jace and Beck, of course, were the focus of the last book, and the primary couple in this one, but there are more couples that show up as well.

So, the Skulls have bought some land that used to belong to the Navajo, many, many years before, but had gone through several hands before the Skulls got it. They are going to build a clubhouse for the entire club to hang out and a garage for Jace’s motorcycle design/building business. There is currently a house where Beck and Jace live and a small garage where Jace and the guys are trying to keep up with the demand for motorcycles. Down the road, we have Rock and Ajei, a Navajo couple who used to belong to an MC, and their adult son, Tommy.

There are problems happening. There’s been a dead and mutilated bunny that showed up on the property and left with a sign that said Go Away. But, that’s not the only thing. There’s also someone who painted headless bodies on the side of the house, again saying Go Away. There’s some worry that it’s Tommy doing this, because he’s been very vocal about the Skulls being on that property because that’s traditionally Navajo land and it belongs to them, even though it really hasn’t for decades and decades.

There are obviously a lot of other things that happen in the story, none of which I’m really going to talk about, because they are really interesting and the whole story was great. I love Beck and Jace, and yeah, there’s a reason I tend to put her first, because I really like Beck. She’s a total badass motherfucker, and pretty much everyone associated with her agrees with that, and agrees that fucking with Beck is not the smartest thing ever. There’s a line in the book that is from Jace’s POV where it says that he knows that she wouldn’t kill the guy, but that if she found him, he would wish he were dead. I love that line. And the BAMF factor is part of why Jace loves her the way that he does. I think between the two of them, the Phoenix Skulls are going to be in good hands. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the series goes next.


I’m really interested in seeing if Tommy joins the club. I think it would be really fascinating if he did. I don’t think Rock and Ajei ever will, but I do think that they are going to be like the grandparents of the club maybe. They’ll be there to help the guys out when necessary, but not get in the way. That’s my opinion, at least. We’ll see, I guess.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Go check it out. Happy reading!

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